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DreadfullyAwful Jul 31, 2023

How I rate things

10 Perfect, 9 Excellent, 8 Great, 7 Very Good, 6 Good, 5 Average, 4 Below Average, 3 Bad, 2 Very Bad, 1 Terrible

This is how a 10 point linkert scale works, and is typically how most things are rated. Thanks for the comment though!

nathandouglasdavis Jul 25, 2023

The reason you can't access your previous comments is because I deleted them. Periodically, I delete any comments on my profile page which give me bad vibes or which I just don't feel like seeing every time I scroll to the bottom of my page.

I appreciate the thoughtfulness of your most recent comment (though I might also end up deleting it eventually). I do recognize that the pronouns I choose to write with in my reviews can lead to some confusion in readers. I'm largely okay with that though (because I'm hoping that the amount of confusion won't ever be all that large). The same way that most readers can just skim over grammatical mistakes, typos, or off-the-wall syntax (like all-caps or whatnot), I hope that most readers just skim over the pronouns and don't put much thought into it.

My thought process on pronouns is that I don't want to use gender-neutral pronouns in a manner that would be specifically excluding certain people from "the norm." By that, I mean that I don't want to use gender-neutral pronouns only to refer to people who don't neatly fit into the "man" and "woman" categories, because that would mean that the gender-neutral pronouns would turn into just another way of othering people. I wish that more people had your mindset of treating they/them as the default until otherwise specified, but the current trend seems to be to treat they/them pronouns as a distinct category. And I intentionally wanted to avoid feeding into that.

DreadfullyAwful Apr 26, 2023

Just so you know, 5/10 is average - not 'bad'.

TheMeggyPeggy Apr 5, 2023

Hey ArtistMungi,

Please write your reviews however you want. If you have an issue with mine, please take it up with any of the lovely mods either in APs forum or in their Discord. I'll continue to write mine how I like. Have a good night!

TheMeggyPeggy Aug 28, 2022

Hey Mugi! Please don't try and "correct" someone on how they wrote a review. You're free to go in depth, to go piece by piece with your own, but not everyone will adhere to a single format like it's school work. The public "reminder" on my review was disrespectful. If you're to comment on a review, ask for clarifications. Was the art appealing to look at? Did the store have good pacing? Were the characters stupid? You ask questions. You don't respond with a personal correction.

Have a nice day. :)