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NekoYesEcchi May 30, 2019

Sure, anytime! I hang out here a lot. lol

NekoYesEcchi May 28, 2019

Sure, RedDatalGirl! I'd be happy to be your anime friend. :) Chat me up anytime!

footmaster May 17, 2019

Of course! ^_^

I also followed you upon discovering that you followed me about an hour ago. 

footmaster May 16, 2019

No problem. :)

footmaster May 16, 2019

Thank you! :)

There was no specific restriction stated in this site about using videos from YouTube.

If there was, then they should've not included this feature in the first place.

Regarding with your profile, I suggest that you put the GIF right below the "anime is my life,follow your anime dreams" text.

Then probably align the texts underneath it to the center.

Regarding with the character images, would be nice if you can get images of equal sizes to make it look uniform.

Anyway, nice drawings! ^_^