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     Hello World! I am ArgenTyger. My name is pronounced argent-tiger, not argent-iger. I have been with A-P since 2015 and have loved the site since. Before A-P, it was so hard to find anime and manga that I really like, but now it is sooooo easy! All I have to say is,

Thank you Anime-Planet!!!

Now for a bit about how I work on A-P.

My ratings are the general status quo for 0-5 stars, with 0 stars being “no comment” and 5 stars being “loved it”.

the more stars I give the more times I will watch the anime, and visa versa for less stars.

My favorite genres for both anime and manga are many, but here are the the ones I like the most:

(the major genres) fantasy, slice of life, family friendly, romance, comedy, action/adventure.

(the minor genres) mystery, thriller, psychological, sci-fi, parody, original work, noitaminA.

(the age) shoujo, shounen, seinen, josei.

As for tags...

I will use any and all tags, except for the ones I don’t like, which I wil not list. 

For characters...

I only like the main and secondary. However, there will be a few minor characters I will like.

I like to recommend and review, but I am not very good at reviewing...

And on another note, since I am so busy, I don’t update my anime and manga statuses often, but I try to on a regular basis. So forgive me for not updating regularly. 😁 

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Sirscaredyclaude May 4, 2022

Hello miss! So what do you love most about Gene Starwind?

KarinXOXO Aug 18, 2019

Thanks for the follow! Following you back!

RavenousSpectre97 Jun 7, 2016

It wasn't the first series I watched but it was one of the earlier ones for me and I loved it I get where your coming from as I re-watched a few months ago as wasn't really paying much attention and it doesn't help when so many series have similar styles to death note that it makes the notion itself seem bad.

FullmetalDragon Jun 7, 2016

Impressive stuff! To be fair, anime is rather different from my other obsessions, which were usually just one show or movie. I'm hoping that will mean I stick with it longer, as it seems I will. I've also not been watching anime that long, so I'll have to see where it goes! ^^  I've only ever felt the need to rush an anime for a few series, but those are usually just my favourite series. It's good that you broke the cycle though. It might even make anime more enjoyable for you! 

FullmetalDragon Jun 7, 2016

You make it seem so easy! To be fair I've never attempted to watch multiple long series at the same time, so I don't really know. Still, I have a very low boredom threshold, so I usually avoid long series anyway. 

Anime is not my first obsession, so I've just about managed to work out a reasonable balance that lets me watch loads while not taking over my life entirely (most of the time). Being obsessed can be great, but it does have some drawbacks :) Still, I usually find I completely ignore obsessions I've gotten over, so it's nice that you've come back to it.