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Tower of God

Jun 6, 2020

Tower of God though its plot seems simple. Climb a tower get a wish/power granted. Its the build up and characters which really brings this story to light. The Animation is not my favorite but it has grown on me but i still give it a 7 because i would understand others not enjoying it. Story is a 9 because well can anything really have a perfect story. Sounds is really good and some of the best intro and outtro songs i have heard in a long time. And characters 10, very original which is what first drew me in. Animes this reminds me of strongly is Yu Yu Hakasho for sure. The way people all seem to have diffrent individual powers and strange backgrounds. Plus the animations gives it that older look and to me it hits home. It also has the battle arena feel, which a lot of animes have been putting off as of late and i dont mind. You know a group of people in it to win and all of them have thier heart set on what they want. So it also reminds me of  Juni Taisen: Zodiac War, Darwins Game, akame ga kill. Though probably not as dark or deadly as some of these Which are all great animes as well. So i highly suggest this anime if you like action, great and fresh character concepts, and a dash of drama.

9/10 story
7/10 animation
9/10 sound
10/10 characters
8.8/10 overall

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DxDMoony Jun 9, 2020 say it isnt dark.....for now....i wont spoil anything for you....shit gets downright murky later in the webtoon....if you like the anime at all you will absolutely love the webtoon....they left a ton of stuff out in the anime....what they have covered in 10 episodes took the entire first season of the webtoon (well over 150 chapters)