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The adorable list of adoption and childcare

Adoption is one of the most common options to choose from when you can't conceive a child of your own. Yet (somehow?) many anime characters every year suffer from accidental adoption. Ranked by how well they fit in the list theme, overall experience as well as character development.
1 Alice & Zouroku

Alice & Zouroku

Sana knows nothing of the world when she manages to escape from the research facility, and she stumbles upon Zouroku both of their lives change drastically. Zouroku learns of things he never thought possible and Sana learns the rules of everyday life.

While many childcare anime focus on the adults involved, this one follows the perspective of Sana. Sana's child innocence, her instability and her fear for her own powers. 

2 Barakamon


A city boy moves to the country side and experiences the bonds only city folks can have. A real sweet show that prompts to show you how everyone can take care of eachother, no matter age.

3 Sweetness & Lightning

Sweetness & Lightning

A widower who has yet to learn the ways of life as a single parent, his ever so cheerful daughter and the ever so helpful student become close over cooking.

A calm show that focuses on slice-of-life and feel-good, and of course cooking. Better have some good food prepered cuz you're gonna get hungry 

4 Hinamatsuri


With three different storylines we get to see a variety of relations develop during the series. From one perspective we get to see a yakuza leader turn into a spoiling father in fear of what Hina - a psychic girl - might do, and in another story we get to know Anzu and her new harsh life on the streets. 

5 Bunny Drop

Bunny Drop

A realistic and heartwarming as well as heartwrenching story about an unneeded child and a man that felt an odd obligation to help her. Clueless on what to do or even feel about the situation, they, one step at a time, become a family. 

Just don't read the manga, it's... well, I'd rather not talk about it. 

6 HanaSaku Iroha

HanaSaku Iroha

From having to take care of her sorry mother to having to earn a place to sleep for the night at her grandmother's, Ohana gets no slack. Still, she has to grow up as any other teen and balance the drama that can come off it. 

7 The Ancient Magus' Bride

The Ancient Magus' Bride

Another questionable anime to have on the list considering Chise sold herself as a slave and a man bought her to become his wife. But that counts as adoption, yeah? Not even a little bit?

Not only does Chise have to come with terms that she finally found a place she can call home, she also has to become aqcuainted with the other side. A reality she has long feared and hidden herself from. 

8 Squid Girl

Squid Girl

Want a hilarious beach anime about a squid kid trying to invade a beach house? Ya got it! Under the course of the anime Squid girl develops something akin to a family bond toward the people she once tought of invading. 

A light-hearted shounen show with action and comedy, more than any other entry on the list. 

9 Shounen Maid

Shounen Maid

10 Chobits



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