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Marudase Kintarou

Apr 4, 2021

Not often I hear about CrunchyRoll picking up a BL/Yaoi title so I recently finally got into watching this just to see what it was about and...umm.

It's dumb. Like really, really dumb.

Now, to be honest, I'm not even gonna say it was awful because once it was finished I just sat there, laughed, and kept saying "What the hell was that?" to myself while still laughing. 

It's literally a ten minute anime. That's it. And yet somehow I expected it to be a series of sorts - especially since with a plot brefing like that, there's surely gotta be some time spent to explain how it all comes together - but nope. It's just this. It's pure nonsensical yaoi crack with no discernable plot so for a time killer it's not half bad.

I can't even say I'm mad. Didn't really know what I was expecting from such a premise going in and I guess I can't say I was disappointed if I had no standard to hold it at in the first place.

If you're looking for something serious to watch then yeah, this probably isn't up your alley.

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5/10 overall
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