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Name: AquamarineGem / Aqua

Birthday: October 14 (Libra & Rooster)

Personality:  INTJ-T 4w5 (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging, Turbulent)

Hobbies: Designing, photoshopping, photoediting, drawing digital art, playing the flute, watching anime, reading manga, and writing.

Favorite Anime Franchises:  "My Anime Eye Candies"

Top 2 Favorite Anime: Fruits Basket & Black Clover 

Favorite Anime Character Designs: Uta No Prince Sama, Vampire Knight, Prince of Tennis 

Favorite Anime Genres: Music, Idol, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Sports, Magic, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Slice Of Life

Fun Facts About Me: My side job is helping people pass their work certification exams for health insurance, life insurance, cosmetology, etc. I graduated with a health services administration degree. 

My brother taught me how to use a screwdriver to assemble biking machines, treadmills, gaming chairs, and furniture at home. I built my own indoor gym.

My main computer is a Microsoft Surface Studio 2. It's an all-in-one computer with a touch-screen, and a tablet pen where I can draw on the screen. I like photoshopping and editing pictures. So I like to use computers built especially for graphic designers. I'm not a heavy gamer but I play Pokemon and Neopet games occasionally. 

Personal Quotes:

Quote #1: "The only way I can work on my shortcomings is by stepping outside my comfort zone, and challenging myself in difficult situations. I hope to improve myself little by little."

Quote #2: "A true leader is compassionate and charismatic. They know how to fix the team's weaknesses and encourage people to do their best."

Quote #3: "Life is like a rollercoaster full of adversities. I hope I gain the strength and courage to overcome all of life's difficulties, calamities, and hardships."

Quote #4: "I am flawed and imperfect. But the people who appreciate me and support me despite my imperfections and shortcomings will eventually be my life time friends". 

Inspirational Quotes From The Royal Tutor 

#1: "Everybody has a different personality. Some people won't like you no matter how polite you are. Do not deprive yourself of finding people that will understand and care for you."

#2: "The sooner the misunderstanding is eradicated the better."

#3: "Each of your educational tradjectories will compliment your character."

#4: "Because you know your weaknesses you hold a higher standard. Those who recognize their vulnerability can be kind and sensitive to others."

#5: "Running away has made your heart lighter but it will not solve your problems."

Please check out my layout below! It's much appreciated! Hope you have a pleasant experience on the site!









Thanks @Nemurin238, and Dreamxer for the gifts! 

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noyako Oct 6, 2022


i'm sorry to bother ya but i found your profile a gem - like your user, rly. it's so beautifully decorated omg. i hope i can organise mine like this one day! with lots of images and gifs.

i love your pfp, Tohru is such a lovely girl! i didn't even know the site allowed us to put a gif pfp.

btw in my circle of ppl who likes anime and stuff it's rare to find someone who likes Prince of Tennis and Shugo Chara. i like Ryoma, Syusuke and Rima as well, nice choice of characters. ^^

sorry for being so talkative. anyways, hope ya have a nice day! :)

3njeru Oct 6, 2022

Why thankyou. How are you btw? Same, it's gonna be so epic!! Hopefully it lives up to the hyoe. Awesome, a convention how did you like it? What Chainsaw characters did you see?

Birthday party? Is it your birthday? If it is. Happy Birthday! Nice, you watched an og anime so nostalgic. How'd you like it? Which was your fav arc?

True, it's pretty hard lol. Is okay to assume that Chisato is your favorite? I'm happy that the anime ended on a happy note. What's your opinion on the ending? Ya, I've heard stuff like that as well, but don't worry someday. 

Claptrap Oct 6, 2022

I'm doing alright, just busy with preparing things for tomorrow

The character in my avatar is Basil from the video game Omori

It handles some dark topics, but I'd say it's more of a bittersweet/hopeful game than a depressing one

3njeru Oct 4, 2022

I'm doing fine, hope you are as well. Yay! Glad to hear you enjoyed it, are you hoping for a season 2 as well? Which part did you enjoy the most?

So far so good, I can't wait for Chainsaw Man! It's going to be so epic. Wbu?

3njeru Oct 4, 2022

Heyo! So sorry for the late reply. Np, appreciate the follow back ^^. Nice to meet you too. Yess, have you heard of Lycoris Recoil?