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Name: AquamarineGem / Aqua

Birthday: October 14 (Libra & Rooster)

Personality:  INTJ-T 4w5 (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging, Turbulent)

Hobbies: Designing, photoshopping, photoediting, drawing digital art, playing the flute, watching anime, reading manga, and writing.

Favorite Anime Franchises:  "My Anime Eye Candies"

Top 2 Favorite Anime: Fruits Basket & Black Clover 

Favorite Anime Character Designs: Uta No Prince Sama, Vampire Knight, Prince of Tennis 

Favorite Anime Genres: Music, Idol, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Sports, Magic, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Slice Of Life

Fun Facts About Me: My side job is helping people pass their work certification exams for health insurance, life insurance, cosmetology, etc. I graduated with a health services administration degree. 

My brother taught me how to use a screwdriver to assemble biking machines, treadmills, gaming chairs, and furniture at home. I built my own indoor gym.

My main computer is a Microsoft Surface Studio 2. It's an all-in-one computer with a touch-screen, and a tablet pen where I can draw on the screen. I like photoshopping and editing pictures. So I like to use computers built especially for graphic designers. I'm not a heavy gamer but I play Pokemon and Neopet games occasionally. 

Personal Quotes:

Quote #1: "The only way I can work on my shortcomings is by stepping outside my comfort zone, and challenging myself in difficult situations. I hope to improve myself little by little."

Quote #2: "A true leader is compassionate and charismatic. They know how to fix the team's weaknesses and encourage people to do their best."

Quote #3: "Life is like a rollercoaster full of adversities. I hope I gain the strength and courage to overcome all of life's difficulties, calamities, and hardships."

Quote #4: "I am flawed and imperfect. But the people who appreciate me and support me despite my imperfections and shortcomings will eventually be my life time friends". 

Inspirational Quotes From The Royal Tutor 

#1: "Everybody has a different personality. Some people won't like you no matter how polite you are. Do not deprive yourself of finding people that will understand and care for you."

#2: "The sooner the misunderstanding is eradicated the better."

#3: "Each of your educational tradjectories will compliment your character."

#4: "Because you know your weaknesses you hold a higher standard. Those who recognize their vulnerability can be kind and sensitive to others."

#5: "Running away has made your heart lighter but it will not solve your problems."

Please check out my layout below! It's much appreciated! Hope you have a pleasant experience on the site!









Thanks @Nemurin238, and Dreamxer for the gifts! 

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MadamOtaku Nov 8, 2022

Oh, thank you for the video. 💖💖 I think we all can safely say those swords fights are the best. Takeru Satoh kills it as Kenshin, no pun intended.

It's too bad other adaptions don't have the same quality. I watched the live action Touken Ranbu movie. That was a hot mess. It could have been so good, but it's a turd. And yet, I think they're making another one. I scratch my head with that news. 

I did not even know about Ruroni Kenshin until I watched the first live action movie six months ago. Now I own the first three, bwa haha (cue evil laugh). Now to find the other poor wallet. I have to binge everything now, manga included. 😍💖

I'm about ten years behind on everything. Growing up in a farming family, my access to anime and manga has been limited to what I could get at my local library. I've only been able to watch and read online the last three years. I want to watch Assassination Classroom, MHA, Tokyo Ghoul, Attack On Titan, Dr. Stone, Durarara, etc. etc.,... The list keeps growing and I keep getting distracted. I guess it's not a bad dilemma to have, though, hahaha. 🤣🤣

I dabble in drawing manga fanart too, but I'm way too shy to show anyone. I suck. Frankly, I'm a thirty-year-old who draws like a three-year-old. 

As for watching anything interesting...I will be rewatching Bungo Stray Dogs because their fourth season is coming in January. I recently watched SwordGai: The Animation. It is interesting, but not great. And I just got School-Live, and Scar on the Praeter from my library, so I will be watching those. I have been awaiting every episode of The Missing Eight. It has a bare minimum animation style that might not be for everyone's taste, yet the action scenes are pretty good. I really enjoy the characters and the mystery keeps me coming back to see how the story is going. 

Please excuse any bad English. It's been a long day, and I'm too tired to edit. 

OkamiHime95 Nov 7, 2022

Great choices! :) I pretty much like almost all the Pokemon in general (I say almost, since I'm not current with new gen Pokemon yet), though some of my favorites besides Pikachu, Umbreon and Espeon, are Eevee, Aerodactyl, Charizard, Charmeleon, Charizard, Totodile, Suicune, Entei, Togepi, Ponyta, Cubone, and Growlithe.

Aww, thank you for the pictures! They are indeed super adorable. :D 

MadamOtaku Nov 7, 2022

Hi AquamarineGem, 

First let me say, I love your homepage and bio. If I were to do a list of the My Followers Best Homepages/Bios, yours would be in the top three. 

Second, we like a lot of the same anime and manga. I see you like Rurouni Kenshin. Have you seen the live action movie trilogy? It's the best anime/manga adaption I've ever seen.

OkamiHime95 Nov 5, 2022

Well, like I said yesterday, it's Pikachu...

My favorite Eevee evolution is Umbreon, but Espeon is a close second. What's yours?

I saw your other message before it got deleted somehow, and all I can say is I'm sorry you went through a lot. :(