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Jan 2, 2024

Amatsuki reminds me of a spider web filled with intricate plots. In Amatsuki, Tokidoki Rikugo is whisked away in a supernatural fantasy setting filled with samurais, spirits, and demons inside a virtual reality game of Feudal Japan. Due to his flunking school grades in history, Tokidoki Rikugo was assigned to explore the museum exhibit to gain more insightful knowledge on Feudal Japan through the glasses of a virtual reality game. As he wanders across a bridge,  he encounters a demon called Nue. The Nue damages one of his eyes as he gradually loses part of his vision. The fierce tempered dark-haired Kuchiha rescues Tokidoki Rikugo from the Nue’s ferocious attacks. The hot-tempered Kuchiha has a dark history of being possessed by a potent dog demon spirit. In summary, Tokidoki must unravel the mysteries behind the Feudal Japan game and find a way to return to his hometown. Amatsuki is a very generic anime filled with fantasy tropes in a Feudal Japanese setting that lacks the presence of modern-day technology. 

Amatsuki’s animation and sound are solid. The music really fits the mystical atmosphere of the Amatsuki series. Overall, the two characters that left a vivid impression on me were Tokidoki Rikugo and Kuriha. Amatsuki describes the main protagonist: Tokidoki Rikugo is described as a sincere, gentle, compassionate, and kindhearted character He is sensitive to the feelings of others. He chooses his words carefully so that he doesn’t intentionally hurt others or offend others. He is also sympathetic around demons.. After losing part of his sight, he receives a pair of differently colored eyes known as heterochromia. He is regarded as a foreigner inside the game due to his lighter hair color. On the other hand, the aggressive Kuriha was long feared for her mystical powers. The villagers both worship her and fear her mystical powers.  The rest of the character cast has a wide mix of personality traits and types. 

5/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
5/10 characters
5/10 overall
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