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In Kakuriyo- Bed and Breakfast for Spirits, the kind-hearted and generous Aoi Tsubaki is whisked away from the apparent realm (human realm) to a hidden realm full of supernatural creatures such as demons, spirits, mermaids, tengu, etc. Both Aoi and her deceased grandfather had the unique ability to see spirits known as ayakashi. Aoi frequently offers snacks and treats to her ayakashi friends.

While trapped in the hidden realm, Aoi learns that her grandfather was a well known visitor to the realm. Her deceased grandfather offered Aoi as a bride to the inn keeper ogre god as collateral to pay off his debt. When the dark haired ogre god offers her a chance to be his bride, Aoi refuses.  Aoi insists on paying off the debt by opening her own restaurant (Moon Flower) and introducing the ayakashi to the delicacies behind traditional Japanese cuisines.

At first, the ayakashi believed Aoi was a fragile, frail, and incapable human. However,  Aoi changes their perspective and opinion of her. She cooks delicious and mouthwatering Japanese meals to satisfy the ayakashi’s appetite. The ayakashi spirits eventually fall in love with her talented cooking skills, and kind personality. She also graciously nurses them back to good health. Gradually, the spirits see her as a capable woman who can overcome bitter and challenging obstacles.

During the second half of the show, Aoi learns that there was a curse that brought disaster and calamity to the Southern Island. For centuries a ceremony was performed to please the gods and prevent disasters to the island. Aoi helps the ayakashi complete their ceremony by finding sacred objects (like a mermaid scale) and cooks the meals made of ocean treasures. The thoughtful Ginji (the fox demon) and the serious red-haired Ranmaru (a dog demon) were also dancers in the traditional ceremony. 

Overall, I gave the show a 5/10. There was minimal romance and the anime series lacked comedy. The anime was also very slow paced, and became boring. There was no suspense or anything thrilling to make the anime interesting. 

5/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
5/10 characters
5/10 overall
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