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Princess Princess

Jan 8, 2022

Princess Princess can be described as a plain flavorless cheese pizza without any added spices, herbs, or toppings. It lacks potential. The story is slowly dragged out, and stretched per episode. However, the animation is pretty consistent. 

Story (4/10)

The title: Princess Princess is a bit misleading. The biggest surprise for those who haven’t read the synopsis is that the anime barely has female cast members or characters with royal lineage. Instead the three princesses are actually high school boys disguised as the school’s idols and revered as princesses.They wear wigs to conceal their hair. They also wear traditional  frilly lace dresses and outfits. Their main objective is to spice up the dull lives of the male students. They speak words of encouragement, and cheer for the male students in sports and school events. They even receive pocket money for their photographs. The princesses also perform on stage to brighten up the moods of the male students. 

The princesses exist primarily as entertainment to the male student body. There’s even photograph sessions, and a stage performance. But in our modern world, there are many forms of entertainment (such as TV shows, movies, games, sports, and hobbies) that people use instead of women. Overall, the students and characters are average and dull. Princess Princes lacks a well-written story, and characters.  The story is really slow-paced. Initially the characters are unwilling to perform their gender bending princess duties. But eventually, they accept their roles. 

Characters (4/10) 

I picked Princess Princess because the visuals for the characters looked attractive. But  the characters weren’t really appealing. The pinkish haired Mikoto is hotheaded. He is usually embarrassed to perform his duties as one of the school princess.It takes a lot of convincing for him to take on his princess duties.The orange haired Yuujirou is often seen with long hair, or wearing a wig with pigtails. The main character Tooru is a transfer student. At first he is unwilling to be a princess. But after the student council president offers him rewards (like school lunch coupons), he quickly accepts the role. The green haired Sakamoto is overwhelmingly popular. He is the next candidate to become student council president. Overall, the characters weren’t very well written. They were really plain and average. 

The quality of the anime is low. I watched the show in 480P. Princess Princess only has a subbed version with no licensed English dubs.

4/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
4/10 characters
5/10 overall

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