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Welcome to AquamarineGem's Profile! Please enjoy your stay!

Name: AquamarineGem / Aqua 

Real Name: Eva (Please call her Aqua or Aquamarine) 

Birthday: October 14 (Libra & Rooster)

Personality:  INTJ-T 4w5 (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging, Turbulent)

My Character Tags: 

Adults, Artists, Band Members, Flutists, Musicians, Salaryman 

Hobbies: Designing, photoshopping, photoediting, drawing digital art, playing the flute, watching anime, reading manga, and writing.

Favorite Anime Franchises:  "My Anime Eye Candies"

Top 3 Favorite Anime: Fruits Basket & Black CloverYu Yu Hakusho

Favorite Anime Character Designs: 

Uta No Prince Sama & Vampire Knight & The Prince of Tennis 















Fun Facts About Me: My side job is helping people pass their work certification exams for health insurance, life insurance, cosmetology, etc. I graduated with a health services administration degree. 

My brother taught me how to use a screwdriver to assemble biking machines, treadmills, gaming chairs, and furniture at home. I built my own indoor gym.

My main computer is a Microsoft Surface Studio 2. It's an all-in-one computer with a touch-screen, and a tablet pen where I can draw on the screen.

I like photoshopping and editing pictures. So I like to use computers built especially for graphic designers. I'm not a heavygamer but I play Pokemon and Neopet games occasionally. 

Favorite Anime Genres: 

Music, Idol, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Sports, Magic, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Slice Of Life

Personal Quotes:

Quote #1: "The only way I can work on my shortcomings is by stepping outside my comfort zone, and challenging myself in difficult situations. I hope to improve myself little by little."

Quote #2: "A true leader is compassionate and charismatic. They know how to fix the team's weaknesses and encourage people to do their best."

Quote #3: "Life is like a rollercoaster full of adversities. I hope I gain the strength and courage to overcome all of life's difficulties, calamities, and hardships."

Quote #4: "I am flawed and imperfect. But the people who appreciate me and support me despite my imperfections and shortcomings will eventually be my life time friends". 

Inspirational Quotes From The Royal Tutor 

#1: "Everybody has a different personality. Some people won't like you no matter how polite you are. Do not deprive yourself of finding people that will understand and care for you."

#2: "The sooner the misunderstanding is eradicated the better."

#3: "Each of your educational tradjectories will compliment your character."

#4: "Because you know your weaknesses you hold a higher standard. Those who recognize their vulnerability can be kind and sensitive to others."

#5: "Running away has made your heart lighter but it will not solve your problems."

Please check out my layout below! It's much appreciated! Hope you have a pleasant experience on the site!













Thanks @Nemurin238, and Dreamxer for the gifts! 


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pinkishsunset Dec 6, 2023


Stnh Dec 5, 2023

You caught up to me in one piece 

CodexScript Dec 3, 2023

Aww! Thank you very much!
That means a lot to me. Reviews usually fill me with such anxiety, but I Vivy really spoke to me in such a way I had to write and share it, give it the praise and spotlight it deserves. I hope you enjoyed it!

Well wishes always and happy holidays to you also! <3

Tim1366 Nov 23, 2023

same to as well hope you have a great thanksgiving and black friday (:

Misoony Nov 22, 2023

Thank you, I hope you're doing well too! I'm glad you like it! Thank you! It took me quite awhile to figure out how to align everything and there's still a few adjustments I'd like to make, but I'm glad with how it turned out. I hope you're able to switch jobs too, that sounds awfully stressful. So it'll be great once you're able to get a job you can enjoy and won't be as stressful! I hope that happens soon! Thank you, I really appreciate it! I had several tests today, but I'm on a short break now so I'm very thankful for that, though I'll have to take time out of it to study for my other upcoming exams, it's quite a relief to be on break and be able to spend time with friends. I hope I'm able to learn a lot too, thank you very much for your encouragement! And I hope you're able to find a better job, you don't deserve to have to experience such stress.

Ooooh I just looked it up, that seems like something I'd really like, especially since it's a reverse harem and music. The deep voices really sound nice when does well, I can definately see how you'd like Uta no Prince sama. I'm looking at it right now and you're right, the characters are well drawn! I like their character design. I'm going to have to watch that soon. You're right, majority of the time they tend to be focused on the music and voices rather than a story, though that also means they're perfect to just relax to. And yup! A lot of the times the characters can look much more unique than other animes since the animes tend to be more flamboyant. Usually they use really pretty colors in those sort of animes. I can see why you like them so much.

Those are really great parts about Christmas time. What sort of Christmas music do you like best? When do you start listening to Christmas music? I started listening to it on the first of Novemeber but most people think that's far too early, but Christmas music is so good!! The festivities and cheer really makes Christmas a great time of the year I think. Ooh those are all good cartoons! I don't think I've seen them in years, watching them is defiantely a good part about Christmas.

Yup, I completely agree with you, Anthansaia is my favorite character as well. She's such a well written character who stands up for herself but also remains caring towards others, I really like her. Her eyes are so pretty!! You're right!! The eyes and just art in general is so pretty in Who Made Me a Princess. That's what I was thinking too when I saw the trailer, her eyes are lacking the sparkles and they seem a bit more of a dark blue rather then the light blue that they are in the manwha. I wonder how the anime is going to depict that symbol now that she doesn't have the eyes. It's such an important part of the story, so I can't imagine them just completely leaving it out. It's really too bad they didn't include the sparkle eyes, but the animation looks absolutely gorgeous from what I've seen! I'm really looking forward to it! Yup, yup, seeing all the different colors can be really nice to see rather than just black and white. Now when I read manga instead of manwha it takes me a bit to adjust since I'm more used to seeing the colors now.

Ooh your classes do sound like a lot of fun and also seem quite useful! All that stuff sounds complicated, but I can tell that it definately paid off. All those different skills you learned sound really neat. I wish I could say more about the topic, but I don't know much Lol. But I think that's really cool! Your graphic design classes sound like they were really enjoyable! Out of all the skills you learned from the classes, which skill do you use the most? The 3D model class sounds really, really cool! How did you like doing that? What sort of things did you create models of? I tried doing something like that once, but it was too hard and I gave up Lol, so it's really cool you're able to do that! Oooh seeing your artwork up along with your classmates must have been awesome. Those sound like such fun classes!

Thank you very much! I really appreciate it! And I hope you're doing well and your stress calms down. It's late here as I'm typing this, so I'm hoping I didn't make too many typos lo and I make decent sense. It's nice talking to you!