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My name is Apples ^-^

I've been reading comic books and watching anime since I was a kid. My first anime was Speed Racer and from there I grew into a variety of shows ranging from sci fi to action/adventure. I can't say I have a particular type of show I like the best, it really depends on my mood. I'm not a big fan of girly shows regardless of the fact that I am indeed female i just don't find the need for anime to be catered towards a gender.

I love anime for a multitude of reasons. The storylines are particularly important to me and really make or break a show or movie. I think anime is amazing simply because it can talk about any moment in life, any human feeling, describe any thought, describe any future, past, or present and still make it relatible to every person. I believe anime can truly develop a form of empathy in every human being. the visuals are just plain awesome!


I rate somewhat differently than others. The majority of my ratings are based more on how the anime affected me at the time then all the components of a series or movie. There are many times an anime has gorgeous animation, great characters, a wonderful storyline, and all the other pieces that makes it worth five stars from a completely unbiased standpoint but for me that isn't enough. I like my anime to have an emotional punch. The emotion doesn't have to be depressing or deep, even an anime that can make me cry laughing is worth 5 stars and you will be able to see that from my very diverse list. Regardless of its accuracy here is my rating system:

5 Stars: Yes, yes...yes....and oh right....YES! Fantastic anime! These shows are my all time favorites. These shows aren't always the best animation, but they always have amazing storylines and very dynamic characters. These shows also touched my heart in one way or another and will constantly be my bar for ranking all others in its genre and medium.

4.5 Stars: Sooooooo close! These shows are awesome shows that I will watch over and over, but fail to strike me emotionally. These shows almost always have great storylines and characters, but are missing that final piece to make them perfect. The majority of these shows are on someone's favorite list and I will constantly agree on their greatness, but they will never be considered groundbreaking.

4 Stars: These shows are fun but fall flat for one reason or another. Sometimes the story isn't complete or a character is really annoying but the storyline is good or sometimes I'm glad I watched it once but I'm fine if I never get the chance to watch it again. A lot of these shows and movies are animes from my childhood and have a very special place in my heart. I know it sounds like I don't care for them anymore but I do, I'm just aware that while at 7 years-old I might have found powering up for three episodes "bitchin'"  it's not the coolest thing ever done in anime.

3.5 Stars: These shows were enjoyable and passed the time nicely, but they are not anything to write home about. A lot of these were recommendations or animes I found at a used bookstore for really cheap. Not great, not bad.

3 Stars: Uhhh yeah....okay. These shows are not terrible, but definetely not what I would call quality. These animes are usually really cheesey, are not unique, have annoying characters, or just put me off.

2.5 Stars: If these weren't dropped they probably should have been. I just didn't like them for a variety of reasons. Yes there is one series that is a huge hit for most people that is rate 2.5 stars. No it is not a mistake.

2 Stars: You're lucky you didn't get 1 star.

1 Star: Who let you loose upon the world?! Why did I pick you up? Why the hell didn't I drop you?!?!

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DeDaan Jan 1, 2012

Apples !! Happy New Year and the best wishes for the next year !! Hope to speak you soon again ;)

DeDaan Dec 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Apples

DeDaan Dec 1, 2011

Apples !! So long ago !! how are you ??

I just added a AMV part in my Bio, so if you want you can take a look ;)

TheMajor5 Feb 15, 2011

LMFao, Err i can understand, I usually try not to jump the gun but i have a habit of cussing/cursing.  Not a good habit, usually i try to stay away from the f word but ass/hell/damn/bastard/shit/ and then fuck.  :D  Usually i curse when im pretty excited.  During December i was away from my house for a month, and their were no adults around, just me my cousin and his gf.  Man, i got way to used to the freedom and had to adjust for when i went back home.  Plus, cursing honestly makes people seem illiterate which is why i try to watch the language when i can.  Most of time i can't help it though:D

Sounds like you live out in the deserted part of CA?  Fun fun.  Eh, online is simply way more convenient.  Half of the manga online will never be licensed and printed. On top of that, the licensed manga is about a year behind the Japanese version and they only come out in volumes not chapters.  Plus i don't feel like paying 13$ for a volume when i have other things to be paying for.  I am a pirate muahahha.  As for torrenting, meh, i suck at it.  I love the online readers.  Even thought torrent has much better quality, i tried it once and it was a thorn in my ass.  $1000 worth of anime and $800 worth of manga O_O.  Mother of God.  I for one, will never take my collection anywhere.  It looks perfect on my shelve in my room and that is where it is staying.  But still, just when you think you can trust someone.  Bastards.  So then, dis you try to buy back some of your favorite anime/manga or did you just say the hell with it?

So is the Bachelors in business, will this field allow you to travel the world?  Like the 'business' field is a little vague.  Would be nice if a company would pay for your expenses.  But like i told Daan, it is best to travel when you are young because it will be tough as you get older and settle down.  Luckily, being the oldest, my parents were never the strict type so i have always been told to do what i would make me happy.  I went to college out of no other plans and it turned out to be a big waste of my time lol. Luckily, it has only been a years worth at a community college.  I now know the experience of college but college isn't my style.

My plan is to finish this year and plan my next move.  Ha, no i plan on going into finish carpentry.  No amount of books can teach you the trade.  Right now, i just need to figure out how to get my foot in the door and become an apprentice in that specific field.   That is the first step and being in college, i feel like i am accomplishing nothing.  I have always taken an interest in building and well i don't mind the physical work.  As for the degree, i will become a world renown master carpenter!

Wizard of Oz is something different.  I sometimes go to this bookstore and just look through graphic novels, which is how i found this one.  Caught my eye right away.  Ah action/horror/scifi eeeee, i could get you a few series you might like.  Try Kurozuka.  It is an anime but the manga is far better.  It is soo full of mind-fuck it will be perfect.  it fits those genres to a tee.  The ending fucks with you a lot, l still don't know exactly what happened.  I use to be like that, but i have a massive list of 200 manga to try out when i feel like it.  If the arts cool and the description is sound, then it will probably suit me.  Also it's funny, i wanted to see your watched list, so i clicked it, i thought it was mine for a minute.  They really look alike.  But, your missing Ghost in the Shell, how on earth could you not watch the series after liking the movie so much?

DeDaan Feb 15, 2011

Well Apples, Sziget is the best thing i ever went to. But i went there with 7 other friends so i dont know how its giong to be when your alone. But i gues you defentily meet other fun people there. That the freedom the festival has.

About Death Note, i know its a hype, but its different then example; Naruto or Bleach. Death Note is very good (My most favorited, but my 2nd best anime because i cant aruge that FMA;Brotherhood isnt better then Death note). It got a great atmosphere, is a *smart* anime with a nice story wich keeps you at the point of your chair. And intresting characters (maby i am a bit to much of a fan boy, but it just got really good points) But i would say, forget what i said, what everyone else said, and just watch the first 3 eps. (And let me know what you think about it =D)

Well Apples, i also am always on the hunt for good AMV's. But when i watch a AMV i dont really care for the music (ok it has to be good but still) Its about the feeling i get from watching it. Some AMV's i like are not so good, but for some reason i love them and get a nice feeling with it. Just like the AMV in my profile *Life is Beautiful* when i watch that one i feel complete harmony with the music, the anime's in it and the connection with life (that one is the most inportant i think)  So even when there is a awesome made AMV in wich i dont get this feeling, i usally dont like it.     How about you ??