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Aerythrin Sep 17, 2016


How did you enjoy your holiday? I assume it was a holiday anyway. :P

Yes, I'm excited for the new season. :3

I've watched a ton of anime, haha! I finished the whole of Durarara!! (all four seasons) and a bunch of other stuff, Barakamon, Kokoro Connect and Black Lagoon, I don't know what I was watching when we last spoke though. ^_^

Got any catching up done yet?

kaelja Sep 15, 2016


That's Awesome! :O

I am so jelly at you right now! I want to go Rome again *_*

Stressful?? How come? Did the robbers in the tram give you a scary look? XD

Ahh awesome :D Did you also see the colloseum at night-time? :3

Oh I have been missing out on Summer season as well :P Don't sweat it ;) I'vve only seen Shokugeki no Soma so far and a few eps of Danganronpa. I actually caught up ith most of the spring shows last weeks. (Boku no Hero Academia is awesome T^T, the second half of the season)

I have been up to a lot and nothing, like always :D

Bye~ Glad you liked Rome~

sewn Sep 15, 2016

Oh and I really love your profile bio!!! It's so well structured! You surely must've spent some hours on that right haha 

and I like your music taste c:

Thanks for the compliment. c:Yeah, it took a while. xD

Who's your favorite band/artist?

sewn Sep 15, 2016

Rome was a lot of fun although the first days were a bit stressful haha but I've seen lots of beautiful sights and ate pasta and pizza almost everyday haha 

currently im catching up with the ongoing series from this season, what are you watching lately? (:

I'm finishing up Another and Bleach, and I'm also watching Durarara. I'll be started a lot of animes from this season shortly, so I'm really looking forward to that. c:

I'll name some right here. vv

  1. Re:ZERO
  2. ReLIFE
  3. Rewrite
  4. Orange
  5. 91 Days
  6. New Game!
  7. Alderamin on the Sky
  8. Battery
  9. Sweetness and Lightning
  10. Amanchu!

Lol, there are even a couple more, but those are some. :P

spapag2 Sep 15, 2016

No you didn't reply late at all, a couple days is nothing!! Compared to me at least, I waited weeks ><

Haha I know what you mean though, I kinda was the same. Where did you go on vacation to? And how was the rest of your summer??

Oh nice, I'm also watching Orange and Re:Zero! What do you think of them so far? Even though they have like one episode to go haha. Also what do you think of Mob Psycho? I haven't gotten to watch it yet but I'm planning on it.

That's cool! I haven't looked through next season's anime yet so I'll have to get back to you on that once I do