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This was my profile details in Animax India Community......~_~

Favorite Anime: Yu Yu Hakusho , Coppelion , Winter Sonata , Inuyasha, Squid Girl , Sket Dance , Pokemon , Brothers Conflict , Kill Me Baby , Baka n Test-Summon the Beast , The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat , Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions! , Beyblade , Pretty Rhythm , HunterXHunter. Its hard 2 say adout Hyouka....?? But i love the most is Fairy Tail , Accel World n Little Busters!... n Endless....^_^ Favorite

Manga: Not yet...o_o

Activities: Watching Animax, drawing anines, playing PS2 games, studing, making crafts, discovering new things...^o^

Favorite Music: Any Music/Song that touches my heart...^w^ my fav. Mainly, Japenese Anime Songs n Engish Songs

Favorite TV Shows: Animax shows, Discovery network, Movie, Sports...*_*

Favorite Movies: Action, comedy, lit bit romance... ¤v¤

Favorite Video Games: Just know I love 2 play Games!... +_+

Favorite Books: I love 2 read "Bible"...~_~

Favorite Quotations: If u truely want 2 believe in ur friends, first believe in yourself.....0u0 ....."Everyone's unique , we just have to try and be ourselves , that's the easy thing we can do , don't you think so ? -witty vamps °_°"

About Me: I am a 16yrs lad!, hobby of drawing anime, love 2 make friends, outgoing n curious, n rest find it out...haha, I love Animax...>_<

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KiraRen Aug 6, 2014

Hey. Your proflie picture is extremely cool, the different colored eyes makes him look totally awesome)

Shivichan Jun 12, 2014

Hello! Just randomly surfing, and found your profile! Well nice to meet you! And its really surprising to see an Indian on this website! xD 

I was just wondering, are you in the India Anime Club on Facebook? If you are, just let me know. xD 

Sianeka May 29, 2014

Added you as a friend, too! Just curious: how come you have Naruto in your signature, and yet no indication of having seen any of it in your Anime list? Not even in your Want to Watch list!

Sianeka May 28, 2014

Sorry for the delayed response getting back to you.

My avatar is Maya, the Iriomote island cat from Azumanga Daioh anime.  The character Sakake loves cats but all cats hate her and bite her... until she meets Maya.  The first cat who is actually friendly to her.

VampGirl May 28, 2014

 Nice to meet you, too :)