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Hello, I'm Anna and I seem to have list OCD here on Anime-Planet. I can't seem to stop making them! @[email protected]

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...and that's not even all of them. Send help, I may have a problem. o_o;

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chad28 Jan 8, 2017

Hi, I’ll start by apologizing for posting this here. Unfortunately I didn’t make an account on the previous forums and currently it’s not possible to make one, so for it’s not possible for me me to submit through there. So I’ll post in very manga mod profile in the hopes one of you have the time to update these manga. I tried to give as many links and information as I could in every entry:

Serialization Updates:

"Soul Catcher(S) ( Serialized In (magazine): Jump Next! (Shueisha); Shounen Jump + (Shueisha) Weekly Shounen Jump (Shueisha)"

Kinnikuman ( Serialized In (magazine): Playboy (Shueisha);Weekly Shounen Jump (Shueisha)”

 “Boku no Hero Academia Smash!! ( Serialized In (magazine): Shounen Jump +; Weekly Shounen Jump”

Status update:

"Mononofu ( Status in Country of Origin 5 Volumes (Complete)"

Manga not in the dabase:

Buddy Strike Manga first 3 chapters were translated by Viz, the manga ended in 2016:

"Buddy Strike - Status in Country of Origin 1 Volume (Complete)" :

Ole Golazo Manga first 3 chapters were translated by Viz:

WolfAngelus Dec 28, 2016

Yea, that and you can NEVER go wrong with Madhouse. They bring out the most top quality horror anime. I am not sure if you have seen them, but Ranma 1/2 and Slayers are excellent classical anime - both are comedy.

I did understand many of the points to Kino, it comes closer to the older times and how things were for many of the stories. But alas, I love my cute girl anime or cute anime in general if it isn't comedy/horror, even though I would not say I am anywhere near young, haha!

Agreed, Shana is just awesome (and really cute >.<), I do love tsuntsun's though too. The ending of Season 3 made me cry partly for the small romance piece that finally happened after 3 seasons of waiting, that and it being over QQ. She was one of the most impactful characters that I ended up feeling lost without for a few days.

It is curious how they will do a prequel for that. I think a sequel might have been more appropriate. As long as it has plenty of Yuuna we are good though xD I like her lazy and kinda dumb personality :3

Happy new years to you too.

WolfAngelus Dec 26, 2016

Thanks :3 Most of them were quite interesting. The Vampire Hunter movie was especially neat and something I wouldn't have seen otherwise. I like classic retro stuff as I am not all that young anymore xD. Kino's Journey though I think has a very very specific niche audience, I can see why people would like it, but without cute girls, horror, or comedy it wasn't for me :P. Shakugan no Shana itself is one of my favorite anime and I love Shana, but I think the movie just doesn't do justice to how great the series is!

Have you seen all 4 yourself that you recommended?

Definitely will be doing it again, it is fun and I actually wish people would regularly tell me what to watch xD . That guys reaction though when I saw it just made me feel bad for whoever recommended those. I think the rules said they could have requested a new set so that was just like, no word to describe it considering it's Christmas.

I will be joining in and active on forums once I can get an account. They have been disabled so long that I am not hopeful anytime soon.

You know what is funny? I was going to ask you originally to ask if I could join and take those recommendations xD

Happy Holidays :3

Akaba22 Nov 29, 2016

Hey dude, i'm a new comer for thuuis site.And i want to read, but i don't know how to read manga or novel. Can you explain to me? Please i need your help

LupaLunae Sep 14, 2016