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Innocent Blue

May 13, 2019

Warning: Spoilers

This manga is deceptively sweet... at first. A sickly teenage boy falls in love with a transfer student and wants to have a normal love life like the rest of his peers in spite of his illness. He wants to hang out, go on dates, have sex and do all the other things boys his age get to do, instead of living under the constant care and supervision of his overprotective relatives. This would be fine if his love interest wasn't a total asshole. Once our frail main character leaves his cousin's protective watch and develops a false sense of security, his lover betrays him in one of the worst ways imaginable and I was sorry I ever started reading this in the first place. What frustrated me about this story wasn't just that his boyfriend is an absolute creep who has no regard for his feelings and uses him to get back at his half-brother, it's the fact that the main character simply doesn't give a crap, and puts himself in danger yet again to be with the self-same person who lured him into a trap to be gang-raped. The same person who said he hated him and admitted he was just using him to hurt someone else. The main character wants him so much, in fact, that he stops taking his medication and nearly dies. After this piece of absolute stupidity, we get a couple of time skips and an ass-pull ending so they can be together. WTF, author??? Seriously???

In short, stay away from this manga unless selfish, gang-rapey boyfriends are your thing. If you've come looking for a sweet story of a schoolboy's first love or a gentle BL where the frail uke is cared for by his loving, protective seme, you've absolutely come to the wrong place.

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