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ABO (Omegaverse): Fated Pairs

In the Omegaverse, a Fated Pair is an alpha/omega couple who are destined to be together. Fated pairs develop a deep emotional and sexual connection to each other, and in many cases will sense each other immediately when they...

ABO (Omegaverse): Nesting Scenes

These omegaverse titles contain at least one nesting scene. Omegas "nest" by gathering clothes and other comforting objects to lay on or surround themselves with that smell like their mate or other loved ones. Nesting is an...

ABO (Omegaverse): Non-Alpha/Omega Pairings

Omegaverse stories featuring romances other than the typical alpha/omega pairing.

ABO: Omegaverse Novels

A list of Omegaverse novels, light novels, and web novels in the Anime-Planet database.

ABO (Omegaverse): Omegas' First Heat

Going into heat for the very first time is a common occurrence in ABO stories. An Omega's first heat is often a frightening experience for those who are not prepared for this change in their bodies, and they are extremely...

ABO: Omegaverse With Sequels, Prequels, and Spin-offs

Can't get enough of your favorite Omegaverse comics? Here's a list of titles with sequels, prequels, and spin-offs that take place in the same world. Does not include one-shots, extras, non-Omegaverse AUs, or doujinshi.

ABO: Partially Translated Omegaverse

These Omegaverse manga and webtoons are partially translated in English. Currently running series available to read are also included here (even if all currently published chapters are translated) as well as currently running...

ABO: Untranslated Omegaverse

Omegaverse manga/manhwa with no English translation. If you find something on here that has been translated or notice any untranslated titles missing from this list, please let me know so I can fix it. (Collections and...

Adopted Characters in Anime and Manga

These characters were orphaned, abandoned, or separated from their parents for other reasons, leading them to be adopted by new caregivers. Includes those who were adopted by non-human parents, as well as those who were taken in...


These stories focus on children who were adopted into a new family, whether it is from the child's point of view or from the perspective of the adoptive parent(s). Adults and children alike can struggle to adjust to their new...