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1st Century - 9th Century A.D.

These manga take place in 1st - 9th centuries: year 1 A.D through 899 A.D.

Abe no Seimei and His Descendants

Abe no Seimei was an onmyouji and astrologer born in 10th-century Japan. He advised emperors and the Heian government on spiritual matters and was believed by some to possess mystical powers. He and his (fictional) descendants...

ABO: Fully Translated Omegaverse

Omegaverse titles that have been fully translated in English.

ABO (Omegaverse): Alpha/Omega Couples

Omegaverse stories featuring romances between alphas and omegas.

ABO (Omegaverse): Fated Pairs

In the Omegaverse, a Fated Pair is an alpha/omega couple who are destined to be together. Fated pairs develop a deep emotional and sexual connection to each other, and in many cases will sense each other immediately when they...

ABO (Omegaverse): Nesting Scenes

These omegaverse titles contain at least one nesting scene. Omegas "nest" by gathering clothes and other comforting objects to lay on or surround themselves with that smell like their mate or other loved ones. Nesting is an...

ABO (Omegaverse): Non-Alpha/Omega Pairings

Omegaverse stories featuring romances other than the typical alpha/omega pairing.