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Adopted Characters in Anime and Manga

These characters were orphaned, abandoned, or separated from their parents for other reasons, leading them to be adopted by new caregivers. Includes those who were adopted by non-human parents, as well as those who were taken in...


Ailurophobia is a persistent, irrational fear of cats.

Animal Hair Accessories

These characters wear animal-shaped hats and hair accessories, including barrettes, hairpins, ponytail holders, clips and headbands.

BL Characters With Traumatic Pasts

These characters suffered a trauma in the past that caused them extreme pain, grief, fear, or emotional baggage. Some may have put the past behind them even though it still impacts their life in some way, while other characters...

Buddhist Monastics

A list of Buddhists in anime and manga. These characters are monks, nuns and priests of the Buddhist religion.

Cat and Wild Cat Transformation Characters

A list of people who turn into cats (or wild cats) and cats who turn into people. They may be feline youkai, werecats who are natural cat shifters, be under a curse or enchantment, or change by some other means. Some cats who...

Cat Youkai

These characters are feline youkai. They may be traditional youkai cats such as nekomata or bakeneko, or they might be youkai who frequently take the form of a cat.

Characters That Deserve To Be Put On A Rocket and Fired Into The Sun

Shitty characters who do shitty things, with a sprinkling of people who are just seriously freaking annoying.

Characters With Cats

There's something about having a cat in a character's life that just makes them more loveable by default. Whether they are ordinary pets, magical familiars, partners in crime, or supernatural creatures in cat form, these people...

Characters with Dimples

Cheek dimples when present show up when a person makes a facial expression such as smiling. Not to be confused with nasolabial folds.