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1st Century - 9th Century A.D. (anime)

These anime take place in 1st - 9th centuries: year 1 A.D through 899 A.D.

Abe no Seimei & His Descendants

Abe no Seimei was an onmyouji and astrologer born in 10th-century Japan. He advised emperors and the Heian government on spiritual matters and was believed by some to possess mystical powers. He and his (fictional) descendants...

Anime About Alchemists

These anime feature alchemists: people who use alchemy to transform and create things through a seemingly magical process.

Anime Aired on Spacetoon Arabic

Arabic: أنمي عرض على قناة سبيستون العربية. Spacetoon (Arabic: سبيستون‎ or سبيس تون) is a pan–Arab free–to–air television channel that specialises in animation and children...

Anime Dubbed in Arabic

Arabic: أنمي مدبلج للعربية. These anime have been partially or completely dubbed in Arabic. WIP, if you have any suggestions, pls leave a comment.

Anime Featuring Adult Protagonists

These shows star characters who are adults. They hold down jobs, attend university, raise children or do other independent adult things.

Anime Featuring Purchased Protagonists

The main characters in these shows are bought at an auction, sold at a slave market, or exchanged for cash or other goods in a private sale. Many purchased protagonists are victims of human trafficking or forced marriages...

Anime That Pass the Bechdel Test

These anime pass the Bechdel Test; a measure of the representation of women in fiction based on a 1985 comic published by American cartoonist Alison Bechdel. To pass the test, the fictional work in question must have at least one...

Anime With Catservice

These anime aren't about cats, but they have at least one in it either as a mascot, a character's pet, or a cute kitty just keeps appearing randomly for whatever reason. Basically a list for catlovers who like a little...

Astronomical Events In Anime

Comets, lunar eclipses, giant meteors and other astronomical events play important roles in these anime.