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Weird-Ass Shit From Japan

A list of bizarre manga ideas that somebody in Japan apparently thought the world just HAD to read...
1 Aiko no Maa-chan

Aiko no Maa-chan

Talking uterus. Because every girl needs her uterus talking to her from out of her vagina.

2 Aiko no Maa-chan 2-nensei

Aiko no Maa-chan 2-nensei

Why did we need more of this???

3 Asari to Ore

Asari to Ore

Guy gets f*cked by a giant clam.

4 Azarashi no Takeda-kun

Azarashi no Takeda-kun

Talking seal that transforms by going between his cross-dressing classmate's legs. Because reasons.

5 Baby and Daddy in Love: We like Strong, Sweet Milk!

Baby and Daddy in Love: We like Strong, Sweet Milk!

Did you grow your baby from a plant and have some strange dude breastfeed it? 

6 Bishounen Club no Himitsu

Bishounen Club no Himitsu

Why is there a guy sitting on the toilet on the cover? I know we're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but... TOTALLY JUDGING. 

7 Bougyaku no Kokekko

Bougyaku no Kokekko

Giant killer chickens. Not recommended for anyone with a bird phobia.

8 Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman

Butt Attack Punisher Girl Gautaman

A magical girl who fights using her butt. Gives new meaning to the phrase 'ass-kicking'.

9 Chindala Mandala

Chindala Mandala

The adventures of a man with a large, seal-shaped talking dick who has a thing for clams.

10 Chintsubu


A haunted penis and penises that get switched. And they talk.

11 Cloth Eating Girl

Cloth Eating Girl

Zombie who eats panties

12 Corona-kun no Tsuioku

Corona-kun no Tsuioku

For those who haven't had enough of the coronavirus yet.

13 Daily Meteor Strike

Daily Meteor Strike

Want a pet? How about an obnoxious talking space meteor that forces itself into your life and grants wishes like a jackass genie?

14 Delivery of the Dead

Delivery of the Dead

Zombie prostitutes

15 Delivery Room (Novel)

Delivery Room (Novel)

A battle royale where the contestants are all pregnant women.

16 Dick Fight Island

Dick Fight Island

Guys who fight with their dicks. Described as follows by an A-P user: "Dick Fight Island is Mortal Kombat, but everyone's special move is dick based with some ass-play on the side."

17 Donyatsu


After the apocalypse, cat donuts will wander the world. Why? I have no idea.

18 Dungeon Toilet

Dungeon Toilet

A guy ends up in a fantasy world and dedicates his new life to finding the perfect way to take a crap.

19 Erotic Men: Egg Hello from the Sexy Men in the Shell

Erotic Men: Egg Hello from the Sexy Men in the Shell

Boil some eggs and hatch your very own sex partner.

20 Fourteen


A mutated, engineered chicken breast morphs into a vengeful sentient being.

21 Freshly-Squeezed Beefcake Ranch: Shocking! Secret Underground Experiments!

Freshly-Squeezed Beefcake Ranch: Shocking! Secret Underground Experiments!

Guys on a farm getting their dicks hooked up to milking machines so they can be milked like cows.

22 Gokicha!! Cockroach Girls

Gokicha!! Cockroach Girls

Anthropomorphic cockroaches.

23 Grashros


Full of random shit that makes no sense, like stabbing a mammoth in the eye with your erect boner. Prehistoric vegetarian hippies, turtle shell bondage, pet rhinos, and onahole prototypes are also part of this bizarre and convoluted story.

24 Hanabi-chan wa Okuregachi

Hanabi-chan wa Okuregachi

Anthropomorphic pachinko machines.

25 Hanako@Lavatory


Ghost who possesses toilets.

26 Hara Peko Mitsuba Chinko

Hara Peko Mitsuba Chinko

A hungry guy has oral sex with a plant.

27 Hard-Boiled Cop and Dolphin

Hard-Boiled Cop and Dolphin

A hard-boiled story filled with half-baked ideas. A half-man/half-dolphin cop, mutating octopi, fish with human faces... you'll never look at the ocean the same way again.

28 Hissatsu! Paipai Talk

Hissatsu! Paipai Talk

What would you do if you had psychic powers? Pretty sure nobody's first thought would be 'Listen to the thoughts of sushi-loving boobs'.

29 Hot and Cold

Hot and Cold

Have you had sex with your air conditioner lately?

30 Ice (Monokuroneko)

Ice (Monokuroneko)

One-shot about a man painfully expelling a baby out of his anus. 

31 Isekai Onsen ni Tensei shita Ore no Kounou ga Tondemosugiru (Light Novel)

Isekai Onsen ni Tensei shita Ore no Kounou ga Tondemosugiru (Light Novel)

What is the point of turning into a hot spring? Even if you are filled with naked babes, you no longer have a body or the 'equipment' to enjoy them.

32 Isekai Onsen ni Tensei shita Ore no Kounou ga Tondemosugiru

Isekai Onsen ni Tensei shita Ore no Kounou ga Tondemosugiru

Same question as above.

33 Itoyangotonaki


The tale of a boy whose crotch glows when he gets excited.

34 It’s That Reincarnated-as-a-Virus Story (Light Novel)

It’s That Reincarnated-as-a-Virus Story (Light Novel)

Really? The best idea this mangaka could think of was someone being reborn as a virus on a flea on the back of a rat? I feel like two years of dealing with Covid has had an adverse effect on people's brains.

35 It’s That Reincarnated-as-a-Virus Story

It’s That Reincarnated-as-a-Virus Story

Same opinion as above. Clearly, this 'masterpiece' requires a manga version as well.

36 Jidouhanbaiki Tobe-san

Jidouhanbaiki Tobe-san

College girl pretending to be a vending machine.

37 Jingai-san no Yome

Jingai-san no Yome

I realize that manga about humans being in relationships with non-humans is common, but... WHAT THE HECK IS THAT THING??? And why is there FOURTEEN volumes of it??? @_@

38 Jinmen


Zoo animals with human faces. Nobody wants to see that. Even furries would probably be freaked out by this.

39 Jurassic Gakuen

Jurassic Gakuen

Just what you always wanted to read: a high school romance starring tyrannosaurus rexes... and to see one wearing a dress.

40 Kanashiki Ikimonotachi

Kanashiki Ikimonotachi

A fly falls in love with a dog's dick.

41 Kaniku no Musume

Kaniku no Musume

A girl with 6 heads... who gets brutally murdered...

42 Kaze no Chinkorou

Kaze no Chinkorou

The poignant adventures of a wandering penis.

43 Ki ni Naru Ano Ko

Ki ni Naru Ano Ko

Part girl, part... tree? o_O

44 Little Miss P

Little Miss P

As if getting your period every month isn't bad enough without an anthropomorphized version of it following you around and occasionally punching you in the stomach. 

45 Mazarian


A high school delinquent, a middle school nerd, a cat, and a flea all end up getting fused together.

46 Mimumu to Shirara: Dragon no Chinchin wo Mi ni Ikou

Mimumu to Shirara: Dragon no Chinchin wo Mi ni Ikou

Ever wondered what a monster's penis looks like? These inquiring minds want to know.

47 Neko no Oji-san

Neko no Oji-san

A muscle man wearing nothing but his underwear pretends to be a woman's cat... and she for some reason believes it.

48 Nikutaikan-K


Everyone's favorite new superhero: Rape Man! The more he rapes, the stronger he gets!

49 Nouzui Jungle

Nouzui Jungle

The adventures of a man and his nightmare-inducing sleep pillow.

50 Ore no Ie ga Maryoku Spot Datta Ken: Sun de Iru Dake de Sekai Saikyou (Light Novel)

Ore no Ie ga Maryoku Spot Datta Ken: Sun de Iru Dake de Sekai Saikyou (Light Novel)

Man has sex with his house and doubles the size of his house by getting her pregnant. Apparently, she gives birth to more houses.


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NaelSchenfel Jan 19, 2024

I was like "some weird-ass shit can be nice sometimes! Let's see, I'm sure she's exgage-" then I read the first one of the list and "okay what the fuck, I believe you, you're right, I'm outta here rigth now".

Vega Jan 19, 2024

This is the greatest thing I have seen in my 7-8 years of being on this website

Gusx1 Feb 7, 2022

Awesome list!