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Omegaverse: Nesting Scenes

These omegaverse titles contain at least one nesting scene. Omegas "nest" by gathering clothes and other comforting objects to lay on or surround themselves with that smell like their mate or other loved ones. Nesting is an instinctual behavior of omegas, often when they are in heat, pregnant, or emotionally distressed.
1 Alpha demo Omega demo nai Bokura wa

Alpha demo Omega demo nai Bokura wa

Yuu makes a nest out of the clothes Ren left on the floor of his closet in chapter 6.

2 Bokura ga Tsugai ni Naru made Extra

Bokura ga Tsugai ni Naru made Extra

While attempting to get some housework done, Haruki's omega instincts kick in when the scent of Asahina's laundry compels him to begin nesting.

3 Egoism Heat

Egoism Heat

Shoma attempts to do laundry while in heat and winds up making a nest of clothes on Kanata's bed instead in chapter 2.

4 Love Is An Illusion

Love Is An Illusion

Hyesung's anxiety-induced nesting during his pregnancy takes the form of hiding in the closet and smelling Dojin's clothes in chapter 25.

5 Love Shuttle

Love Shuttle

Feeling comfy and at ease after mixing his scent with Taehan's, Doyun makes a nest to sleep using the pillows and sheet on Taehan's bed in chapter 27.

6 Romantic Lament

Romantic Lament

7 Scattering His Virgin Bloom

Scattering His Virgin Bloom

8 Sensei no Kenkyuu

Sensei no Kenkyuu

Excited and happy that his mate is finally coming home, Natsuki nests with his clothes in chapter 5.

9 Tondemonai Ore no Alpha

Tondemonai Ore no Alpha

An omega in heat builds a nest of clothes in chapter 5.

10 Undead (Novel)

Undead (Novel)

Si Nan, going into heat, makes a nest out of Zhou Rong's clothes and pillowcase in chapter 47.

11 Unmei no Tsugai ga Omae da Nante

Unmei no Tsugai ga Omae da Nante

Yuu Shishikura unconsciously begins nesting while in heat using Haruto Kotani's coat and briefcase in chapter 5.


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Our Omega Leadernim!

Jinsoo uses Seungie's clothes and plushies to make a nest in chapter 20.