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BL With an Ancient Japanese, Chinese, or Korean Aesthetic

These boys-love manga and webtoons take place in ancient China, Korea, or Japan; or are set in a fantasy world with a similar eastern Asian aesthetic where historical clothing, hairstyles, and architecture are the norm. Emperors and princes, samurai, feudal lords, cultivators, and gods are frequent protagonists, along with ordinary warriors, servants, prostitutes, peasants, monastics, and other common men of the age.


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LailanD Feb 7, 2022

Awesome! But most of them are not translated or licensed :(

xxNEETxx Sep 8, 2021

Outstanding list! Thanks!

DeepEvasion Feb 27, 2021

exactly the shit i was looking for, thanks!! :D

AnaPlantae Jan 25, 2021

Very usefull! Thank you a lot!♥