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Anime-Planet Staff Picks - Webcomics

These recommended webcomics are hand-picked by members of the Anime-Planet staff; personal favorites chosen for a variety of reasons such as exceptional art quality, compelling storylines, great character development or just an overall "can't put it down" feel that keeps you coming back for more. The A-P staff is a diverse group with a wide range of interests, so the webcomic recommended here are equally diverse. You'll find series from many different genres, and the titles can range in rating from family-friendly to adult-only fare.
1 A Country of Maestri

A Country of Maestri

Recommended by:  naveniel

Why naveniel recommends this:  "A misclick. I didn't plan to read it. One moment I was preparing to enjoy another mature series on Lezhin and the next I was watching the sunrise through my window, having forgone sleep in order to get to the end of the story. A Country of Maestri is a powerful lesson. Everything comes at a price, what will you be willing to sacrifice? It tosses and turns, making the scale tip one way then the other. And watch with delight the clever use of colors help the tale of the Maestri unfold under your eyes. To read at night."

2 ASURA (Handol)

ASURA (Handol)

Recommended by:  Quin15

Why Quin recommends this:  "Asura is the strongest being in the hot hells. He lives for "the fight", only thinking of "the fight". Bored out of his mind Asura will do anything to challenge a worthy opponent. He gets his opportunity, however, it inadvertently costs him his powers. Now severely weakened, Asura must traverse the ice-covered land of the living in search of his lost power, and rediscovering his own purpose. This story is very action-packed with good fights. It has great characters and even greater character progression. The art style starts off a little lackluster, but it quickly grows on you. This may not be for everyone, but I highly recommend you give it a try."

3 Bastard


Recommended by:  YariMari

Why Mari recommends this: 'I’m a sucker for dark and twisted stories like these where a person is forced into a life they never wanted. In the case of Bastard, the protagonist is the son of a serial killer and he’s forced into becoming an accomplice of murder. With twists and turns along the way, the protagonist has to choose between joining his father or risking his life to defy him. All while battling his own inner demons. This webcomic is filled with suspense. You constantly get the feeling that something is going to happen, but you don’t know what or when. No one is safe and anyone could be the next victim. With its’ expressive art style, strong characters and compelling narrative, this manwha is perfect if you’re looking for an intense psychological horror/thriller.'

4 Cheese in the Trap

Cheese in the Trap

Recommended by: Rasacera

Why Rasacera recommends this:  "A compelling series about the nature of relationships and the expectations of reality. The art style is so well executed, and the dialogue is beyond this world (I would recommend reading the official translation on Webtoons so you can get more context and theories from the comments, they really enhanced the experience for me). You’ll never get tired of the characters through these 300 chapters and by the end, you might feel you have more in common with one of them than you initially realized. If you’re still interested, I’ve written a more in-depth review on my profile, come check it out!"

5 Distant Sky

Distant Sky

Recommended by:  Sothis

Why Sothis recommends this:  'A good survival/horror manga is hard to find, especially in the realm of webtoons. Distant Sky is one of my favorites in the genre - it's creepy and eerie and has a great mystery.'

6 Divine Bells

Divine Bells

Recommended by:  Helbaworshipper

Why Helba recommends this:  'The story of kingdoms and the power held by what seems to be simple divine intervention. This story seemed to be going one way until a few well-planned twists kept me guessing. An ending worth at least seeing for the winners of a long and ancient battle.'

7 Eggnoid


Recommended by:  Helbaworshipper

Why Helba recommends this:  'The story is similar to many others, but there's an unsettling feel. Will this love triangle really end the way we want it to? I'm questioning each revelation and what will happen to the people in a situation that no longer seems to be in the control of the people we see. A mystery and a romance worth looking into.'

8 Flirting with The Villain's Dad

Flirting with The Villain's Dad

Recommended by:  agreypastel

Why agreypastel recommends this:  "It's a cute romcom type of story. The main character finds herself in a webnovel she has read. Knowing how the story goes, she plans to prevent it by seducing the villain's father! It's hilarious reading all the attempts the MC makes trying to get the father to notice her. The art style of this comic is one of my favorites and makes it all the more appealing, too."

9 Heart of A Companion

Heart of A Companion

Recommended by:  AnnaSartin

Why Anna recommends this:  "This webcomic focuses on animals and the way human beings interact with them. A caring veterinarian who can communicate with animals gives his all in making sure his patients are treated compassionately and that the humans involved with them are educated on the ailments and injuries their pets can incur, as well as the best ways to meet their needs so they can live happy lives. Sometimes funny, sometimes touching, always informative; this is a must-read for pet lovers."

10 Heaven Official's Blessing

Heaven Official's Blessing

Recommended by:  AnnaSartin

Why Anna recommends this:  "Interesting, highly-detailed story and absolutely GORGEOUS art. Recommended for people who like supernatural beings, webtoons with an ancient Chinese aesthetic, and slow-burn BL. Hua Cheng and Xie Lian make a beautiful couple."

11 Here U Are

Here U Are

Recommended by:  AnnaSartin

Why Anna recommends this:  "I adore these characters. The MCs are decent people and are written in such a way that they don't feel like fetishized yaoi tropes or obnoxious gay stereotypes. Li Huan towers over his peers and makes for quite an opposing figure, but he's actually a quiet young man who is highly protective of those he cares about. Yu Yang, meanwhile, is openly gay and confident in himself - even as bigotted people attempt to tear him down - and he isn't afraid to dirty his hands in a fight. Li Huan's withdrawn personality and Yu Yang's well-guarded pride make it difficult for each of them to rely on others, and watching these two very different men grow closer makes for a good read for BL fans."

12 Love Is An Illusion

Love Is An Illusion

Recommended by:  Kamiofdreams

Why Kami recommends this:  "A yaoi webtoon that absolutely captured my heart. From moments of angst to absolutely heartfelt emotional portions as well, the portrayal of characters is beautifully done. An Omegaverse setting that shows off multiple different couples through side-stories while bringing together a wholesome ABO universe."

13 Noru


Recommended by:  Sothis

Why Sothis recommends this:  'Noru is haunting and atmospheric, and reminded me of a post-apocalyptic Kino. An observer wanders Earth as it slowly dies, encountering residents and situations along the way. Truly one of the best.'

14 Que Sera, Sera!

Que Sera, Sera!

Recommended by:  Grizz

Why Grizz recommends this:  'A one night stand gone terribly right?'

15 See, Hear, Love

See, Hear, Love

Recommended by:  Helbaworshipper

Why Helba recommends this:  'This story kept me hoping for a happy ending. The circumstances of a person losing their sight and a girl who uses the power of love to motivate him despite her own circumstances made this a sad, but interesting romance.'

16 Sign


Recommended by:  Starra

Why Starra recommends this:  'It's a cute BL about a voice fetish of all things, but done in a way that is at least somewhat believable. The character with the disability (deafness) is also well-written and isn't portrayed offensively in any way, which is a bonus, and his partner actively tries to learn more about it, which is always appreciated. (Also it's hot, which is the most important thing with these, right?)'

17 Strawberry Seafoam

Strawberry Seafoam

Recommended by:  Kari5

Why Kari5 recommends this:  'While admittedly not the best webcomic out there, I love reading Strawberry Seafoam for the childhood magical girl nostalgia I get from it. It's cute, pink, and combines magical girls and mermaids: everything I loved as a little girl! It also has audio tracks on several chapters which really adds to the atmosphere. I highly recommend this to fans of 'girly' things.'

18 Subtle Disaster

Subtle Disaster

Recommended by:  Sothis

Why Sothis recommends this:  'I haven't read anything like this before - imagine your worst possible neighbors and then multiply it by 1,000. The terrible relationships somehow keep escalating throughout the story; it's almost comical to read.'

19 The Beginning After the End

The Beginning After the End

Recommended by:  ReAerith

Why ReAerith recommends this:  "An amazing isekai story that has a powerful main character that gets reincarnated as a baby in another world, and with his knowledge he learns how to use magic and outsmart his opponents while stumbling on a lot of unexpected events. Also, the art style and the fight scenes are great."

20 The Breaker

The Breaker

Recommended by:  RoyalOss

Why RoyalOss recommends this:  'A typical shounen setting, but a bit darker. A boy gets bullied and his teacher is secretly a martial arts gangster. He begs his teacher to teach him, who eventually trains him. Eventually, he gets dragged into the underground with his teacher. The great art, characters, and violent action suck you in the troubling story that follows.'

21 The Friendly Winter

The Friendly Winter

Recommended by:  LupaLunae

Why LupaLunae recommends this:  'The Friendly Winter is an engaging story about acceptance. The characters are unique and interesting, each with their own personal flaws that are somehow relatable even if you've never had the same problem as them. The characters feel real and, as a reader, you experience all of their pain alongside them. Even the side characters feel real. This series is extremely well written and is practically guaranteed to pull at your heartstrings. The problems Da-Jeong and Min-Seong face parallel each other in a way that creates an interesting and believable dynamic between the two. The Friendly Winter also has pretty art, which is a nice bonus.'

22 Tower of God

Tower of God

Recommended by:  RoyalOss

Why RoyalOss recommends this:  'The Tower of God has a great story, which slowly keeps on picking up momentum. Everything is easy to follow despite the many characters and the many facets of the tower and its inhabitants. The art starts out rather bad but the manga keeps on improving itself, the further you go the more beautiful it becomes. There are a lot of great characters and the high stake games are filled with action, the action will keep you on the edge of your seat. A highly enjoyable manga, I definitely recommend you to read this!'

23 Winter Moon

Winter Moon

Recommended by:  Grizz

Why Grizz recommends this:  'The MMORPG Comedy we all want and need in our lives.'


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