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Anime That Pass the Bechdel Test

These anime pass the Bechdel Test; a measure of the representation of women in fiction based on a 1985 comic published by American cartoonist Alison Bechdel. To pass the test, the fictional work in question must have at least one scene where two or more named female characters talk to each other about something other than a man or boy. Includes both classic and modern shows, but I will not be including anything tagged Ecchi or Borderline H, since the sole purpose of these shows is to sexually objectify female characters (the exact opposite of a list made to showcase positive female representation), nor will I be including Boys Love stories, since their main purpose is to showcase romantic and sexual relationships between men.


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catflower Jul 31, 2021

Based on what you're saying... I don't believe Fairy Tail belongs in this list because there are some Ecchi Scenes in it.

AndrewGon Jul 14, 2021

Interesting list.

Would Non Non Biyori pass the test? i recently watched S1, there is only 1 male character and he doesn't even talk XD.

deltanine Jul 8, 2021

WHy not put Hellsing Ultimate on this list?

erhug03 Mar 30, 2021

Jujutsu kaisen has excellent female characters that definetly pass the bechdel test.

Spid3rball Mar 23, 2021

I feel like Neon Genesis Evangelion would fit this list.