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novatic98 Nov 24, 2014

Thanks very much. It's funny, I'd looked everywhere but YouTube!

novatic98 Nov 24, 2014


I stumbled onto your profile after having clicked on a link to one of your lists, "Classic Family-friendly Anime" and was wondering if you had watched "Belle and Sebastian" anytime recently. I've been looking to watch it for ages but haven't been able to get my hands on an English version...

Gamy Nov 24, 2014

That's great.  I'll watch it when I get some free time. :D

Sianeka Nov 13, 2014

Learning Japanese on my own is slow going, because I am sometimes un-motivated since I have no one with which to interact in my studies and thus when I take a bit of a "break" it can be longer than it needs to be since I have no one that actually acts to kick start me into study mode again! For instance, my studies of the kanji are seriously lacking attention. I need to get back to that. I'm going to use your note here as the kickstart I need to resume my kanji studying! *smile*