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starlightdreams Jul 1, 2018

Magical girl raising project has been picked up at Funimation in Devil's line has been picked up by Sentai filmworks

DEFOX Jul 1, 2018

There are various anime that I want to see dubbed. Some of them are on here sub only and some aren't on here at all. Those anime are Nabari, Black Cat, The different Gundam anime, Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040, Love Hina, One Punch Man, Outlaw Star and My Hero Acedamia. If you guys could update the anime database to include dubbed versions of these anime that would be great. Thank you.

starlightdreams Jun 28, 2018

 I need you for the emotional support

starlightdreams Jun 27, 2018

Morgiana26 Jun 21, 2018

Thanks for welcoming me !