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ramomnf Dec 4, 2021

Thanks for the invitation for the Secret Santa, but I got to my comments a little too late :(

SenkoKitsune Nov 24, 2021

yeah I wanted to but some life things came up and i missed the window to sign up lol

MahLong Nov 23, 2021

Oh nooooo, I missed it, I had no idea, cries T-T But thanks a lot for warning me <3 My fault for not seeing it sooner =[[

SpanglishJC Nov 21, 2021

Ah, thanks for the comment. I completely forgot to give it a look, haha. Maybe next year :D

starrx Nov 21, 2021

ty for letting me know ab secret santa ive been looking forward to it and assumed id get another reminder for it this year so i wouldve completely missed out !!!