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Max11030 Jul 30, 2018

Thanks again for adding characters! :)

Max11030 Jul 29, 2018

I feel the same! My heart wants a way for Bum to be saved, no clue how, but my brain knows it's not going to happen. And wow, that's a deep but savage comment and predictiction. I'm pretty sure most of the readers are nodding their heads in agreement. ;)

Max11030 Jul 23, 2018

I was going through the discussion for Killing Stalking, wondering if I should keep reading it due to all of it's popularity, when I saw your comment in Killing Stalking. Not only did it make me decide to keep on reading it, it made me laugh. So thank you! (Please keep on commenting honestly, I love your comments! XD)

starlightdreams Jul 15, 2018

starlightdreams Jul 12, 2018