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xxxy20 Dec 23, 2019

مرحبا لقد قمت بالتسجيل لاكن لا استطيع قرات اي مانغا ولا مشاهده اي انمي هل يمكنك المساعده

FujoshiInLove Dec 16, 2019

Right???? Aaaff!!! We need gentle and kind semes!!!! :)

FujoshiInLove Dec 13, 2019

Oh, i didn't read that yeat! Thanks for the list! You are too kind! :)

FujoshiInLove Dec 12, 2019

Hi!!! Me again! LOL

Could you recommend me your favorite BL mangas that does not have rape/forced sex? Sometimes, it seems that this is the only plot that is! :(

Thank you!!!

Shenaya Dec 7, 2019

Hi dear how can i read manga chapters