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robertomx4 Sep 11, 2014

is about a boy named `Makoto` who is shy, but then he meets this girl who teaches him the secrets of love, after this is done the somewhat popular and all the girls want to be his girlfriend or more, and like all a gentleman just fucks with all

DAMN!!!! Fuck you MAKOTO deserve what you won

Anari Sep 9, 2014

team rocket is hilarious :D

robertomx4 Sep 7, 2014

Hi, How goes here on Anime-planet?

Anari Sep 7, 2014

Hi fellow newbie! ^^

heyalotp71 Sep 6, 2014

OK ya i like making a manga and anime list, it is really fun and i get to see how much i have watched and read. It almost makes me feel like i have accomplished something.