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Kittyna Jan 13, 2020

Hello, i read you are taking care of manga on this side, there is a small problem i found with manga named toilet-bound hanako kun, there is only 58ch i can mark as read, but i read chapters number 59,60 and 61,also chapter 62 is going to be out in 17/18 january. Sorry for bothering, and thank you if you update it. 😊😅

Hayane Jan 12, 2020

Thanks even though I dont remember! 😂😂

Blackysensei Jan 5, 2020

Anna buddy, your comment made me feel like i had a sudden death, which literally made me imagine seeing people as a ghost talking how i died, but death talk aside, sorry for leaving instantly  but if i hadn't  100% i would have backed off, will miss you, i would say i will remember you each time i see an omegaverse  but honestly i hope i see none of that, still scares me. 😅 XD

rohatmahaprabhu Dec 24, 2019

Danke für die viele Arbeiit :)