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n00ds Feb 5, 2022

Well, your work in cataloging, tagging, and classifying here is absolutely tremendous. I'll probably continue to use it for reference.

I'm also really glad to see that you have added many of your lists to your public library's catalog on Bibliocommons. I can't tell completely whether or not your library system has user profiles enabled, but you should be able to add URLs to most lists depending on what type it is if you're interested. 

I love seeing patrons really get into using it -- library users like you improve the experience for everyone! Especially since community-based content such as reviews and lists are accessible across systems. 

Thanks for all you do! 

ThatOneFriend Feb 2, 2022

you seem really cool so ima follow u 

LilyNoel Jan 19, 2022

Awesome, thank you so much!