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HKBattosai Jan 16, 2019

AnnaSenpai said on one of my custom lists..."Glad to see you did it this year, too! (I love School-Live, I even collect the manga) I should get to work on my list now, too."

Yes, you should indeed!


HKBattosai Jan 8, 2019

Hi there Senpai!

Hope all is well with you. It's that time again for my very own personal anime Oscars! The 2nd annual awards list for 2018 can be found >here< and I thought I'd share it with you just like last year's awards list. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think (if you want to). Cheers!


ksensei Jan 1, 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your lists kill, they have allowed me to discover a lot of manga I wouldn't know oherwise... 

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Uvaye12Uta Dec 19, 2018

Oh thank you for letting me know. By any chance, do you know any website that has the manhwa Here U Are? I've been looking for one but cant seem to find any.

Adelmnfndu Dec 17, 2018

Hi can you tell me how to read the manga?