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tsumiki Dec 21, 2014

Yeah, they usually just sub it, I don't really know, like I've bought duelaudio from an Australian company but it's the American dub so I'm not really sure what the go is xD

tsumiki Dec 15, 2014

Hello ^_^

Unfortunately we don't have our own Australian English dub (at least not that I am aware of).... I say unfortunately... but it's probably not that bad xD There aren't many companies that sell anime in Australia, there's one that does and it also helps with subs but that's about it! I don't really watch English dub because Japanese voices tend to be cuter, also it helps with trying to learn Japanese (not really getting anywhere, I'm probably just a weeaboo xD)

It's the same with things like conventions, there's not many (used to be two now there's only one a year in each state), and the convention is pop culture so it's like 55% anime and 45% other TV shows/comics, it's kind of annoying but that's all we got so we can't complain :P

Sorry I turned this simple "No" into a long reply! :D

Shivichan Dec 10, 2014

Kawaii avatar~ :3

novatic98 Nov 24, 2014

Thanks very much. It's funny, I'd looked everywhere but YouTube!

novatic98 Nov 24, 2014


I stumbled onto your profile after having clicked on a link to one of your lists, "Classic Family-friendly Anime" and was wondering if you had watched "Belle and Sebastian" anytime recently. I've been looking to watch it for ages but haven't been able to get my hands on an English version...