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sothis Jan 24, 2015

Just realized the link is broken, sorry about that! Here it is:

sothis Jan 24, 2015

Hi, thanks for your interest in the character section! A little bit ago we announced a project to add all missing characters, methodically, to the database, as well as cleaning out the Help Needed sections. There aren't many moderators and it's a lot of work, so in the announce thread we asked if users could hold off on submitting characters for awhile and if you have the time, help confirm or deny existing submissions instead so we can clear them faster.


Here's the announcement thread: 


There's a link in there as well about the best way to help confirm - thanks for your understanding and help! ^_^

Anari Jan 18, 2015

Hi, sorry for the late reply, my birthname is Ana! Anari sounds japanese thats why i put it as my name :P so yeh it's a madeup name :)

pikopika Dec 24, 2014

He pretty much did everything a character you would hate does in the anime.