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HKBattosai Dec 27, 2017

Hi AnnaSartin Senpai!

Season's greetings! Hope all is well with you. I created my own personal anime Oscars >list< for 2017 and I thought I'd share it with you. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think (if you want to).  *smiling*

Also, please let me know if you need any smaller additional VA's, images, etc. tasks completed. I completed some of the last five assignments and looked over the remaining ones. They appeared to have been updated.


TheToxicFrog Nov 21, 2017

As for Altair I've never even heard of it.  Unfortuneately the last few months my anime "viewing" has been me having shows on TV while I am working on my compluter handling business stuff.  As a 2nd job (hopefully only job one day) I actually sell anime merchandise online and at conventions.  I can tell you that the one series I would like to finish before starting a new onr I've not seen is Legend of the Glactic Heroes.  I think I'm on episode 37 out of 110.  Then there's a 24 and 28 episode OVA along with a few movies.  

TheToxicFrog Nov 21, 2017

I've thought of trying to submit images.  My personnal collection of VHS tapes is actually nearing 2,900 now and I know there's still a fair amount of anime that never maid the jump to DVD or Blu-ray.  If they did those were some small print runs and are likely in the uber expensive category like season 1 of You're Under Arrest.  

Due to different factors my free time the last few years has been minimal and is likely why I haven't delved into uploading any pics.  Maybe if poked and prodded I can work it in....

worknboy Nov 13, 2017

Hi Anna, Nothing is wrong. But I just can't take anymore of Trump and his cronies. I'm just looking for a nice Canadian family that likes anime to adopt me. ;) Thrawn won't take me. He says there are to many refugees from the states already in Canada.

HarlequinxStrobe Oct 28, 2017

Yes, I am! I have seen season one, lite, movie lite, and Kirameki no Slapstick Noel :) I plan to watch Ren, Ren Lite, and Ren Lite Specials. I may watch the upcoming movie.

Who was your favorite character? Mine was Touka, or maybe Nibutani.