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naterbug8278 Nov 17, 2021

Oh my god thank you for the reminder I absolutely almost forgot about this! 

Partiallygore Nov 17, 2021

Oh that all makes sense now! Does that mean you were notifying people who were actively participating last year or people who asked about secret santa on discord?

Partiallygore Nov 17, 2021

Thanks so much for the reminder! I was expecting a notification so I never would've known! :D

Clotilde Nov 17, 2021

Eyyy, i appreciate the reminder. Almost forgot about it! ^^

llVIU Nov 16, 2021

"Since you mentioned wanting to see more anime featuring adults, I thought this list might help. Has anime from multiple genres:"

Uhhh... I assume this is about the anime with vikings? I mentioned this one little thing... I mean I appreciate the effort, I'll look at the list, but... I'm gonna skip over the part with the 20 year olds homosexual boys. No offence to homosexuals, but that just doesn't have anything to do with being mature. I wasn't looking for "adult" stuff if you get what I mean...