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Ahlex Mar 15, 2022

it's ok! thank you!

Ahlex Mar 14, 2022

sorry to bother again, do you have any other info on it? from what i can see it seems to be only an independent/fanmade small clip? it doesn't seem like a live action announcement/trailer. i'm not sure and i don't speak chinese so i could be wrong. it's out since 2019 and i can't find anything else

Ahlex Mar 14, 2022

hello! thank you for the update on my danmei with donghua/live action adaptations list. i appreciate it!

Starra Mar 13, 2022

Hey Anna! Thanks for your comments on my custom lists -- and sorry it's taking me so long to add them! I don't have a heap of mental energy right now so I haven't touched any yet, but I will at some stage. Regardless, I do appreciate it!

Hope you're doing well!