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noodlesncheese Feb 26, 2024

Yes, I have seen My New Boss is Goofy! I really enjoyed it, I found it super relaxing to watch. Also, I liked how the gay stuff is implicit rather than explicit.

noodlesncheese Feb 23, 2024

Hi, I also live in southern Ohio (I am further north for college currently tho)! Not Cincinnati but I do go there a good amount. Also, I totally understand how addictive it is to make lists, I update my lists a lot and am constantly looking for new content to add. I've come across your profile a few times, so I figured I'd go ahead and follow you. Nice to meet ya.

CHEM0007 Feb 16, 2024

thanks for telling me

CHEM0007 Feb 16, 2024

thanks. Uh then manhwa and webtoon are different, right?

NightmareEyes Feb 10, 2024

I may as well take it down since I never use this site anymore.