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FallenAngel626 Jun 22, 2022

Oh thanks! I will probably get to the adding why everything belongs on the list at some point!

AnnaSartin Jun 8, 2022

That means they are visible to the public in this section:

And if you scroll down on entries it is visible there:

Bloom19 Jun 8, 2022

Okay nice, know I am glad! 

I don't know where you get them featured but that's cool ^_^

Bloom19 Jun 7, 2022

I have done as you said know I hope it doesn't look so silly anymore ^_^

Is there anything else now that we are ad it?

Bloom19 Jun 5, 2022

Okay that's very convenient to know thank you I didn't know that! I will change that.
Is also not called "animes" either???

I know that : is not what you use for the ending of sentences but I thought that I could use it like...

Favorite manga : (and here are the list of them)

Like to show what comes after the : if that makes sense if it doesn't then maybe I will change it

I know it's not an excuse but I have dislaxia so if I make mistakes that's probably why...