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Radiant 2nd Season

Nov 5, 2020

Of Course, There Are NO Spoilers In This Review

Wow, just wow, it truly is crazy to me just how much a series can improve with just one additional season, but this show truly exemplifies this fact. Because I remember when I finished season 1 last year and thinking this show was just okay, not a complete waste of time, but nothing special either, there was just so much wrong with season 1 that I honestly couldn't recommend it to anyone if they asked me about it. However, now at the end of season 2, I can firmly say that I am genuinely looking forward to a season 3 whenever it is made.

The Plot:
There are genuinely so many aspects of this second season that are significant improvements on the series when comparing it against season 1, and one of the most obvious of course is the story and overall plot structure of season 2 as a whole. Unlike season 1 which felt so average and honestly boring because of how closely it stuck to the basic Shounen story structure, season 2 leaves all of that behind, instead creating a story that genuinely makes you invested in what is going on. While season 1 fell like a collection of short stories with our main character going from place to place helping the locals with whatever problem they were dealing with, season 2 instead entirely focuses on a single goal, within the bounds of a single place, and ultimately I feel this was the right move.

The main benefit I feel season 2 gets from dealing with a single plotline for the entire season, is focus, something that season 1 felt like it was truly lacking. Unless season 1 which ultimately felt lossed for the majority of its run because there was no real constant objective, season 2 knows what it’s goal is from the very beginning, and while of course there are many obstacles and tribulations that ultimately make achieving this goal quite more complicated, the original goal is still there as a guiding light for the plot. That is by far the biggest edge season 2 has over season 1, because you actually have the time to develop connections with the story, which ultimately makes you feel more invested in what is going on.

The Character:
OH MY GOD GUYS, Seth is actually an interesting character in season 2, it took a while, and while I'm a bit annoyed that I took 21 episodes for them to develop their main character into someone I actually like to see do stuff, I guess it is better late than never. After the incident that concluded season 1 we finally get to see Seth actually conflicted about what he is doing, with season 2 really showing us that Seth Is more than your basic one-dimensional shounen protagonists, he actually has layers, and while it was always implied that Seth has a “hard knock life” of a back story, seeing him actually need to deal with the emotions he is feeling genuinely makes him a much more interesting character overall. Similarly, Melie it also significantly a much more interesting character in season 2 for similar reasons, we can see her genuinely be conflicted about things, she has fights with people, and at times she cries, and before you know it, she also developed more layers than what you expected from her original character model. But the biggest improvement regarding her character is that she significantly gets less screen time and the same goes also for Doc and Mr. Boobrie, which is honestly a fantastic development because that trio was kind of getting on my fucking nerves by the midpoint of season 1.

Instead, for the majority of season 2 we spend a lot more time with our new characters, with the best one of course being Ocoho, and guys I cannot even fully explain how much Ocoho as a character improves this series as a whole. Ocoho finally fills the much-needed role of a secondary character who is not completely useless when a fight starts, in fact in many ways she is more useful than our main character, and then on top of this, her personality adds a refreshing layer of relatability on a cast that is honestly comprised of mostly crazy people. But really basically everyone who is added during season 2 is genuinely an interesting people who you actually want to get to know more about. From Ocoho’s childhood friends, to the new antagonists that are introduced, to the citizens of Merlin, and even the spirits in the forest, every new character that is introduced is at the very least entertaining to watch, which is a heck of a lot more than I can say for season 1.

Visual/Audio Elements:
Guys, I don't know if it is just me, but something about season 2 as a whole just feels so much more polished and crisp when it comes to the visuals for season 2 when compared to season 1. It just feels like season 1 was when they were really trying to develop the style and look for the show, and season 2 is where they really finalized what they wanted it to look like, and they were able to really make it shine from there. Like honestly the major of fight scenes in this season could honestly stand up I feel with other major fight scenes from shows like My Hero Academia and Black Clover with how much detail they add to those scenes. Then there is the soundtrack, which while most of it is the same as season 1, the main noticeable difference in the soundtrack is a reflection of the overall atmosphere season 2 portrays, with the soundtrack as a whole taking a much more somber approach to many scenes. The most notable example of this somber tone is reflected in the OP and ED, while of course, this series is still at its core a shounen, when comparing the OP for season 1 to season 2, you can really feel the much calmer tone the series is taking for this season, with the ED also reflecting this somberness, which I honestly quite liked.

p.s. the ED is a straight BOP, one I love listening to even outside of the show.

In the end I am very happy that I decided to give this series a second chance, because season 2 really showed me that this series has the potential to become something truly entertaining to watch. So, while it definitely started off with a bit of a rocky start, I do finally find myself recommending this show to people when they asked me about it. With all of this in mind, I have decided to rate this season 85/100, because while of course season 2 is not perfect, it is such a significant improvement on season 1 that I am genuinely impressed that they somehow were able to change so much of the series in just a single season. This season truly is an example of why you should give things a second chance, because you never know when they are going to surprise you, and just like that, I am now wholly hoping for a season 3 to be made, so until then I'll see you guys in the next review😉

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