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Astra Lost in Space

Oct 17, 2020

Bravo👏👏👏 This anime to me is the definition of the phrase “go above and beyond their expectations” because god damn for a show that I was initially really dragging my heels to start because of how cliche the first episode started, by the end of this series I actually found myself being impressed with how neatly this story was able to tie up all of its loose strings by the end, and was actually able to tell a complete story within just 12 episode (which nowadays is actually kind of rare).

Everything about this series just really impressed me more and more the longer it went on, from how much development each of the main cast gets throughout the series, to the deep and actually complex story this show portrays, to the moments where characters actions actually have long-lasting consequences, just everything about this show just really impressed me by the end. Sure you could say they cheated a bit by making the first and last episode almost an hour each, but at the end of the day this story was able to be told within just 12 episodes (a single anime season) without it feeling at all rushed or needlessly drawn out throughout the entire season, so for that alone this show receives a lot of praise from me.

In fact, now that I think about it this might be the best single-season anime from this entire year so far, because everything else that was good this year was either a continuation of an existing property or took at least two anime seasons to tell its story, The only thing that even comes close in my mind is “Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru?” but even that show really didn’t carry the same level of weight to story like this series, maybe that will change during the fall season, but right now to me this is honestly the best 12/13 episode series from this entire year.

Now without really getting into spoilers because I want as many people as possible to read this post to hopefully convince them to watch this amazing series, while I did in the past joke about how this series might as well be called “Plot Twist: The Animation” because of how many GIANT revelations happen during this series, overall if you were to watch this series altogether after it aired I don’t think you would actually notice how many times new information comes to light, because of how well the story just unfolds at the most opportune time.

I know I already said this but the balancing act alone of needing to balance between unfolding the story at the right place to make it feel not to fast or to slow, while also giving each of your characters enough time to develop, while also needing to make sure the story still feels interesting enough to keep your viewer captivated, is a really hard task for many series to tackle (let alone in just 12 episodes) so the fact that this series was able to accomplish all of that, is why I am going to give this series a 90/100, because other than the real cliche opening at the beginning of the series (and the small cliche moments that are sprinkled throughout) I cannot think of any other reason to deduct points from this series.

Everything from the story, the characters, the animation, the music, and the way it all just comes together, in the end, is why I feel this series deserves a 9/10, if you have any other flaws you can point out in the comments to give me a reason to lower the score go for it, but for now, this is where this anime is going to stay in my library😅 If you have or haven’t watched their series yet I hope you enjoyed it just as much as me😊

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9/10 overall
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