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Aniplex Oct 22, 2015


thanks for following!!!!!!!!

and are your fanfic novels on some sort of website i would love to read one of them!!!!!!

KonaIzumi Oct 20, 2015

That's a very high score :0 I will have to watch it someday then ^^ And thank you for your kind words! :3 

What's the anime you would be watching next? ^^

KonaIzumi Oct 20, 2015

Someone here in A-P told me about the second season of Accel World :P It must be good news for those who have seen and liked the first season :D

From 0 to 5, how much would you rate Accel World? :0

Oh yeah ... is been a tough week for me, that's why I wasn't online as much as I used to be >_<

KonaIzumi Oct 20, 2015

No, I haven't :0 but I heard there's gonna be a second season ^^

DoodlebugFour Oct 20, 2015

Hiya how are you? Oh and it's FAN FIC, not FIN FIC on your profile.

So you have a hard on for MMO's i take it? Well I did tried out a few, specifically World of Warcraft, Fusionfall, Aion, Tera, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. And I have played the .Hack games and animes, pretty decent franchise compared to SAO, which i'll be honest, really disliked due to how wish-fufilmenty it was, along with Kirito being an unreasonably overpowered mary sue (There's a reason he's mockingly nicknamed Jesus-Kun) and the rest of the cast being walking anime tropes (Yui is a moeblob ripoff of .Hack's Aura (Not that Aura herself had much personality to begin with LOL) for example). Still this is criticism regarding the show, not a personal attack at you. Still welcome aboard to Anime Planet and I hope you will feel at home here.

Oh and here's a free video to watch, sweet dreams ^-^