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Aniplex Mar 21, 2016

Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!! How have you been?????? whats new!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aniplex Jan 2, 2016


how have you been??????????

I kinda dropped anime planet for a while but know i'm back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KonaIzumi Nov 1, 2015

Konnichiwa and happy Halloween! ~

KonaIzumi Oct 28, 2015

Aww... I hope you get better soon! Here, take this delicious recovery food :D

There is quite a lot to read of your fan fiction, but I will make sure to check it out when I've some free time. Even so, I'm sure is good enough! :D

So, are you watching any anime lately? Or are you gonna watch any in a near future? :3