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Where to begin. This anime is complete garbage compared to the original. They have taken everything from the original and just destroyed it. Nothing in this one makes any sense compared to what followed before with Inuyasha. 

1. They aged up Rin so it didn't seem like Sesshomaru groomed an 11 year old girl. Rather than being 11 like she should've been they put her at the age of 18 that was the same age as Kagome. So that would've made Kagome at the age of 25 but they kept her at the age of 18. Rin and Kagome we're never the same age.

2. i'm not necessarily a fan of how the girls look they should've kept dog like features like their uncle. The animes excuse for why they don't look like their uncle like having dog ears or tails is because "Inuyasha is the most unique half demon". That there is part of the difference and that it didn't follow through with the original. The original anime had other different varieties of half demons and they all looked different and unique. 

3. If you go back to the end of Inuyasha Kagome's grandfather is getting old and frail and he cannot longer make it up the stairs and her cat is getting old to. This anime comes along and he's completely fine and the cat for whatever reason he's not dead. Then you go back in time and Kaede isn't dead either 15 years later when the girls are officially older Shippo is still a child. 

4. Miroku was  in love with Sango and wanted to have 20 kids with her. They stopped at three. And rather than being a dad she decides to go meditate in the mountains and disconnect from his family. That's so out of character for him. 

5. i'm calling BS that the rainbow pearls are more powerful than what the Secret jewel was. The secret jewel made both demons and half demons incredibly powerful hence the reason why it took Inuyasha and his group so long to defeat Naraku. As Naraku gathered pieces of the jewel he got incarnations you don't see that with the rainbow pearls  

so will I ever recommend this anime no. If you ever want to watch this anime that's up to you it completely shits on the original in my case. 

1/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
1/10 characters
1/10 overall
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