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Heyo! Welcome to my bio! I dunno why anyone would read this, but here goes. The name's AnimeZingKing or Zing for short, and I live in good ole Australia. Just like probably a lot of people on here, I'm borderline obsessed with anime, manga and manhwa! More so manga/manhwa than anime, to be honest, but obsessed nonetheless. My favourite genres are action and comedy. Things like horror and thriller I'm too much of a chickenshit to like. 





Netflix Orders One Piece Live-Action Series | HYPEBEAST

{I love them all <3}



One Outs - AnimeOut

{I have mad respect for the MC; such a cunning badass}



How A Sports Anime Called &quot;Haikyuu&quot; Helped Me Get Through 2020

{I've lost count of how many times I've binged this, the hype is unmatched}


Hunter x Hunter – Anime Review | Nefarious Reviews

{Hiatus begone!}



The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. : SFcrowsnest

{Fricking hilarious. Saiki is 120% done with everyones bs and honestly, what a mood}




Fullmetal Alchemist - Wikipedia

{One of my first manga, still stands as a favourite of mine}



 {I'm an absolute sucker for music manga, love this too damn much}



 {I can't, the MC is so funny, he never takes anything seriously, and would die for creampuffs which is valid as fuck let's be real}



I don't have an image so use your imagination

{I love my sports manga but like gahdamn, this is on another level}



{One of the funniest manhwa I've ever read. Gotta love an OP female mc}

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ZurakoDesu Dec 7, 2022

Thanks a lot for your recommendation, I'll keep my eye on it, but starting unfinished stuff hurts ಥ⁠‿⁠ಥ

Already suffering terribly. If you have any finished historical rec, do let me know 

YukinaZero Jul 10, 2021

LMAO. Glad you agree. Been trying to tell people that baby's possessed for ages. 

stardust2222 Jun 11, 2021

Leaves from the vine 

BubuPharmacy Apr 2, 2021

Oh, I was talking about the persons comment below mine on your profile ^^

Edits | Wiki | Mystic Messenger Amino

BubuPharmacy Mar 31, 2021

Hehe I saw that too~!