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Bio Time!

The first anime I've watched with me knowing that it's an anime was The Familiar of Zero. The first manga I've read is from webtoon which was (I think) Saphie the One-Eyed Cat. My first mange that is not a webtoon was Love Is Like an Illusion (BL). I love both manga and anime, but I usually watch the first anime and only read the manga if I really liked the show.

Genre: I do read and watch BL. I do like most romance and good action genres but I'm not a huge fan of horror or harem. I accept some comedy and slices of life if I enjoy them.

From the top of my head, a few of my favorite...                                                                                                                                                                                          Anime openings are from Tower of God, Demon Slayer, and Tokyo Ghoul.

Mangas are Who Made Me a Princess? and Toilet-Bound Hanako Kun.

Animes are My Hero Academia, Jujutsu Kaisen, and Attack on Titan

Relationship Status: I'm straight, had one major crush that lasted 3 years in 6th grade. Never had a boyfriend/relationship. My top major anime/manga crushes (so far): Lucas (Who Made Me A Princess?) and Hanako Kun (Toilet Bound Hanako Kun) and Bakugou (My Hero Academia)

Hobbies: I love playing basketball the most, but the other sports that I play are table tennis and volleyball. I also sometimes draw in my free time. I mainly love to eat, sleep, watch anime/ read manga, play video games, and be lazy. 

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ymkdkd Apr 30, 2021

I hate her so hard

Ponyo18 Jun 29, 2020


I just wanted to ask who the cute little girl in your profile pic is.

SecretOtaku Jun 27, 2020

I understand what you mean, I am around episode 10 for season 2 of AoT, and the mystery keeps building up.  I was geniunly suprised that the mystery was so well thought out and etc. as I thought it would be a typical apocolypse action anime, so I was quite happy.  

I enjoy isekai romances and isekai actions more or less equally, thought both can get repetitive and generic.  What are some of your favourite action isekai?

I am aware of all the mangas you listed, and you have great taste"Beware of the brothers" is a great read, it portrays how the hate for the FL wa created perfectly, and how much they missed their previous sister.  If you enjoyed that, you may also like the step-mother's machen, it is a simlar premise where the FL is actually the step mother of a family.  I am currently stalling-ish for fate makes no mistakes so more updates will load, same for Im the grim reaper.  Speaking of that, I especially loved how we saw the reasons behind the woman killing her son in S1, though it is no justification, it certainly gave us more insight.  Beginning after the end is great!  I cannot wait for the school arc as school life is one of my favourite genres.

Yes, I am currently watching AoT and Kuroko no Basket.  I almost finished s2 of AoT.  Reading-wise, my most recent is Beginning after the end, Lady baby, Love shuttle and Survive as the hero wife.  I am glad to hear the ToG is finished, I will definately be checking it out in the near future!

SecretOtaku Jun 23, 2020

There is no denying Rachel is a b*tch, no matter how you look at it.  Still, I do absouluety love redemption arcs for seemingly unedeemable characters.  I am still currently watching kuroko no basket but still not far in it enough to judge anything yet, so far it is relativily good but nothing special though I am sure it may change.  I also finished S1 of Attack on Titan, do you have any opinons on that anime?  O, I also like Isekai, do you prefer the action/adventure isekai's or romance isekai's?  i also dislike harems to a certain extent for a variety of reasons.  I also tend to avoid any harem/reverse harems (though I tend to stumble on a few accidently) so I have not yet watched that but I am pretty sure I have read a manga with a simaliar theme and I forgot the name but upon closer inspection it is not the same one.  Rachel is certainly quite a horrible person, especially towarsd Bam, I do dislike her but somewhat still pity her.  When I first saw her character, I thought she was decent person as there was nothing wrong with wanting to achieve your dreams, even if you had to sacrafice some things but hypocrisy on her part started to show up when she left Bam yet didn't want Bam to leave her.  She is a bad person in many aspects, still, I would love to see her with a redemption arc, though that is far from what she deserves.  By the way, what are you currently reading/watching? (apart from Tower of God).  Sorry for the late reply btw.

SecretOtaku Jun 11, 2020

Thank you, I recently changed it and keep forgetting that the info in on my bio ^^

The way you have described it, I do think it may not live up to the hype afterall.  But I will try to continue and see what I think of it, I will tell you when I think I have watched enough to review.  One of the things I love about Haikyuu is that I can see the clear growth with each individual character and its realistic (more or less) so I feel personally proud of the characters, so if it is just this superpower stuff, it will certainly drag down the quality of how they play the sports.  I don't really want any predictable matches either but again, I will try it anyways.  Thanks for the analysazion, it is very helpful.

I actually really want a redemption arc for Rachel since I actually pity her more than I feel any hate towards her.  

Oh, I see you have put Rimuru tempest under liked characters, do you also like Isekai mangas?