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lalalaurarara Jan 3, 2016

Hello my name is LaBu11 but my real name is Laura you can call me whatever you'd like i have read a comment (accidentally)  that you'd like more friends and if it still counts then i wanna be your friend if that's okay with you 'cause you seem like a fun person so if you like it just leave a comment and i will answer that asap Mata ne~ ^3^

Melancho Dec 28, 2015

You can always join WECO 

that's anime planet club - we basically greet new ppl to the website and we help them if its needed

and sure ask me more if you want i'll always try to answer as fast as i can 

Melancho Dec 15, 2015

this site is for anime list , manga list , reviews , you can also put characters you liked into I <3 and same goes for characters you hate you can also like studios , voice actors there is alot of things to do xD 

Melancho Dec 14, 2015

Mirai Nikki is right here <-----------

you are getting time on anime like this

lets say episode have 24 min each so after every epsisode you watch and you add it to your list as watched 

your time on anime grows 

Melancho Dec 12, 2015

Welcome to anime planet

feel free to ask me anything at all

ill answer asap