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AquamarineGem Jul 24, 2020

Yes. Shugo Chara is still one of the most memorable magical girl anime. I like the concept of Chara Nai (like our dream characters or our dream selves). 

Having a priorities list is smart since you can narrow down what anime you want to watch the most. 

But from viewing your favorites list, we do have a similar taste for shoujo, magical girl, and shounen series (like Inuyasha, Pokemon, and Digimon). 

If you like the original Fruits Basket, the remake is a lot better since it follows the original creator's intentions. So I really recommend giving the remake a try. it's a lot more emotional. 

AquamarineGem Jul 6, 2020

Hi there! I got a notification for you from a forum post. It led me to your profile! Nice profile picture! Amu Hinamori is one of my favorite magical girls. What is your favorite magical girl anime and Sailor Scout?

Jawesome Jan 12, 2017

Hey there! I saw you liked Coffee Samurai, would you mind sending me a link to watch it? I'd really appreciate it :D Thank you!

Bound Jul 18, 2009

Hey there nice Avatar and profile, we've got the same likes and dislikes, though i dont mind romance that much if theres a good story line behind it ;)

Crackers Nov 16, 2008

How u doing?