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For me anime is an art form that encapsulates the best of Japanese culture. I started watching it during the early 2000's when i stumbled upon One Piece on television and i quickly fell in love with its grand scope of storytelling and adventurous nature filled with wonderfully developed characters and a very solid foundation of its world. Its basically the show that got me into anime and manga. Since then i have watched over 3000 titles and i am living life in its full glory inspired by the different stories that anime has brought me. Together let's keep on supporting our favorite shows by watching it on official streaming sites because it helps give back to the animation directors and producers. Truly anime binds people together no matter what the race or ethnicity of an individual.

I consider a show good based on the following factors mainly storytelling, world-building, character development and pacing coupled with strong directorship and amazing soundtracks. As for manga i've mostly read Shonen Jump and Shonen Sunday serializations but aside from them light-novels and webtoons also take up majority of my leisure time because entertainment medium keeps on evolving throughout the years

My favorite shows are the following:

1. One Piece

2. Fullmetal Alchemist

3. Hunter x Hunter

4. Attack on Titan

5. Gintama

6. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

7. Steins Gate

8. Death Note

9. Monster

10. Haikyu!!

With my introduction finished, i hope to be able to interact with various weebs here on Anime-Planet so we can have a healthy discussion of all things anime. Stay safe and god bless everyone!


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