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eatmerindou Nov 5, 2020

ur bio is a work of art lol; is it weird for me to describe it as "wholesome"?

i get the vibe that u are indeed a very chill person and one that i'd love to be friends with. i also come from a pretty religious family, so it's nice to see someone that's so open about their Christianity haha - fun fact, my dad & uncle are both pastors. Romans is also my favorite book from the Bible, specifically Romans 12 being my favorite chapter. 

if u ever wanna talk, don't hesitate to drop a comment under my profile 

Stimpak Oct 17, 2020

Love your Star Wars Franchise Manga Edition list! I had no idea star wars existed as a manga. I instantly went off and bought all 12 parts of the original trilogy manga after I saw the list, thank you for the inspiration xD

AcceleratorFangirl Aug 18, 2020

um... ya know Accelerator ain´t a cannibal

Francisca189 Jun 9, 2020

you're welcome :]

xyst Jun 8, 2020

thank you!