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Alebord Nov 12, 2017

Wow looking at that gif after i just woke up (meaning i'm half asleep.. or 3/4) made me cry of laughing xD


RenAyano Nov 12, 2017

No problem! ^-^

Rascal Sep 25, 2017

*sigh* ok. Sorry again for my ranty-ness. I tend to get passionate about this stuff especially kino because the character and anime are in my top 10. you know how it is.

Rascal Sep 25, 2017

Ok. Yeah, you should watch it for yourself, as it's really really good. Kino's Journey isnt the type of show to promote the LGBT community. That article is trying to see something there that doesnt exist. Kino only uses male pronouns because "Kino sounds better as a guy's name", and the guy, kino, was... a guy.

She's still a girl. Ultmately, she wanted to abandon her old identity and become this Kino on her travels - that doesnt mean she abandoned her gender. In the context of the show/novel, Kino's gender is left ambiguous fir a lot of it because of its very... uh... philisophical nature.

Literally everything in the show is ambiguous. It's only revealed what kino's gender is at the end of the novel because she becomes a character the audience can care about eventually, and the author needed to explain why she's been called a girl by others but uses male pronouns to refer to herself as Kino. In the anime, this is done out of order on episode 4. Maybe that's what sparked the confusion.

It's quite genius actually, since this creates a female character that doesnt fall into tropes like damsel in distress, uninteresting, mean, feminist, or fanservice. I went to her page expecting her to be in lists like "Best female characters" or something but the only list she's in was yours and I was like.... naaaaah. She deserves more respect as a concept and as a character than that.

Don't worry though you actually inspired me to make a list with her on it like that. I hope i can get it featured. Now, you could say that kino's referring to herself with a male pronoun because she thinks it sounds better used with kino is LIKE a non-binary person using both pronouns because of whatever, just like people say Elsa from Frozen's let it go is like a gay anthem... but that doesnt make her an LGBT character. Even in this case theres less evidence to support that. Of course its your list and you can do what you want but id politely suggest you remove her from it. Thanks for responding, i actually didnt expect you to. Sorry for the long-windedness.